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The Create & Thrive Podcast
The Create & Thrive Podcast
Jess Van Den

Learn how to turn your creative hobby into a thriving business with Jess Van Den

“You have the best podcast out there for handmade businesses. Can’t say enough good things.”

~ Jen Olsen, Gin Gin Handmade

"I love your podcasts. They are incredibly inspiring and motivating."

~ Christa O’Brien

Jess, I have to tell you how much I have loved your podcast for the last couple of years! Thank you for all that you do and share for the maker community!

~ Brandy Guidry Aube

"Absolutely love Jess’s podcast, it is truly like having a great friend giving you business advice. Love it, keep it coming Jess!!!!!"

~ deRosesty Ld

"This series is fabulous!!! I wish there were more."

~ William – LeeLab

“Hi Jess – thank you so much for these wonderful podcasts – I’ve listened to them all; twice!"

~ Rebecca Storch

“Thanks again for another great podcast, I love tuning in each week.”

~ Emmaline from CocoPress

“Jess is down-to-Earth, very knowledgeable and experienced. She has a wealth of information to share and gives excellent information and advice in this podcast. Well worth a listen if you are a creative small business”

~ RatRunning on iTunes

“Wow this was great to listen to! Thank you so much, I feel very inspired!”

~ Naomi Rose Johnson

"Jess makes a really great podcast. It has a more relaxed feel, like she’s just talking to you over a cup of coffee about the topic. She’s highly informative, doesn’t waste any time, and has a wonderful speaking voice that is really pleasant to listen to."

~ InlineTom

Newest episodes

Is Pinterest Worth Using to Market your Handmade Business? [320]

Sick of relying on Instagram and it's increasingly worsening algorithm to drive traffic to your handmade businesses? Ready to tap into one of the fastest-growing marketing platforms on the internet instead? I'm talking Pinterest - and I believe it is one of THE best potential drivers of traffic to your handmade business. Those of you who've been in the Thriver Circle for over a year may remember the Pinterest Challenge from previous years. The Pinterest Challenge helped many of you grow your...

Selling at Craft Markets & Fairs – TOP TIPS with Michelle Danielson {319}

Today's interview is with Michelle Danielson of Grandma Skills and Make Your Mark Labs. Michelle Danielson is a veteran creative who is an expert on selling handmade goods at markets. She opened her handmade product business Grandma Skills® in 2013. After many years of continued success and growth she knew she had something worth sharing. In 2021 she started the education side of her business Make Your Mark Labs which focuses on teaching handmade business owners how to successfully sell at in...

The Power of Uniqueness with Laurie Caffery [318]

Laurie Caffery grew up in Boone, North Carolina, a small town surrounded by the peaks and valleys of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Encouraged by her creative parents - a painter mom and a custom home designer and builder dad, Laurie spent her childhood enthusiastically exploring different mediums, primarily painting and drawing. Laurie received her Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Studio Art with an emphasis in ceramics in 2014. Her artwork is exhibited and collected nationally and internationally....

How to have a successful handmade business WITHOUT Etsy – with Rebecca Haas [317]

Rebecca Haas has been an independent jeweller for over 20 years. She has a small jewelry design studio based in idyllic Southern Vermont. Each unique piece is handcrafted with skill and care by Rebecca in her hilltop studio from ethically sourced metals. Rebecca makes simple, nature inspired jewelry with bold yet delicate lines. Her work is designed to fit seamlessly into your life, and skillfully crafted with the strength to be worn and enjoyed every day. Her aesthetic is understated yet...

Over 8,000 sales on Etsy since 2019… How did she do it? [316]

What happens when your business evolves? This is a central theme of my interview with Chereen - formerly of Smeeny Beanie Knits, now Smeeny Made Wild. We discuss her beginnings - from making a few beanies to sell at a local store - to now having a full-time business with multiple sales channels, product categories, and marketing strategies. Chereen sells on Etsy, her own website, in shops and at markets - and her product line and offerings have diversified over time. She got her start selling...



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Episode Archive


Episode 1 – How Anna Anagno Grew her Jewellery Biz into her Full-Time Occupation

Episode 2 – This is What’s Holding You Back 

Episode 3 – How to Provide Outstanding Online Customer Service

Episode 4 – The 5 P’s of Successful Business

Episode 5 – Tips for Wholesaling your Handmade Goods with Melanie Augustin

Episode 6 – Q&A #1

Episode 7 – Customer Service Do’s and Don’ts at markets and shows

Episode 8 – How to Deal with Copycats

Episode 9 – Camila Prada on How to Run a Successful Crafty Kickstarter – The Create & Thrive Podcast

Episode 10 – 8 Steps to Turn Your Passion into a Successful Business

Episode 11 – How to Find Your Authentic Voice

Episode 12 – 10 Things You Must do to Have a Successful Online Craft Business

Episode 13 – How to Take Stand-out Product Photos with Jeffrey Opp

Episode 14 – 5 Ways you’re Sabotaging your Success

Episode 15 – How to Advertise your Business on a Shoestring Budget

Episode 16 – How to Change your Life by Changing your Morning Routine

Episode 17 – Should you Sell Your Craft Online?

Episode 18 – Five Mistakes You’re Making with Your Etsy Shop, and How to Fix Them

Episode 19 – The Right Time to Start is Right Now

Episode 20 – Handmade Biz Holiday Prep Checklist

Episode 21- Why Pay for an E-Course when you can Google the Information for Free?

Episode 22 – Social Media: How to Spend Less Time and Get More Results

Episode 23 – What is Profit, and Why is it Important?

Episode 24 – Blogging, Content, and Design Essentials with Arianne Foulks of Aeolidia

Episode 25 – Essential Tips for Running a Handmade Business

Episode 26 –  How a Natural Disaster Inspired Sonia McManus to Follow Her Creative Dream

Episode 27 – C&T Q&A 2

Episode 28 – Sonia Lyne Wants Us All in Stitches

Episode 29 – Why You Should Keep Your Day Job… For Now

Episode 30 – Time Management Hacks You Should Try Today

Episode 31 – Kirsten Devitt on Creativity and Confidence

Episode 32 – Should You Diversify or Consolidate Your Sales Venues

Episode 33 – 5 Techniques to Reduce Stress and Relax

Episode 34 – Rie Natalenko on How to Run Outstanding Craft Workshops

Episode 35 – How To Take a Break from Your Handmade Business

Episode 36 – C&T Q&A 3

Episode 37 – Farewell 2015, Hello 2016

Episode 38 – What Will You Change in 2016?

Episode 39 – Daisy Forster on Facebook and Thinking Inside the Box

Episode 40 – 5 Things You Need Before You’re Ready To Sell Craft Online

Episode 41 – Megan Eckman on the Sweet Spot Between What You Want to Make, and What Your Customers Buy

Episode 42 – A Guide to International Orders for your Handmade Business

Episode 43 – 5 Steps to Stellar Product Photos

Episode 44 – The Ins and Outs of Selling Handmade Goods Wholesale… from a Retailers Perspective

Episode 45 – Reactive vs Proactive Work

Episode 46 – The Power of Being True to You in Business – with Jill from For Strange Women

Episode 47 – How a Photo Can Make You Famous with Cath of My Bearded Pigeon

Episode 48 – Why a Mailing List is Non-negotiable

Episode 49 – 5 Steps to Prepare for Licensing your 2D Artwork – with Laura C George

Episode 50 – 5 Steps to a Better Brand with Julie Gibbons

Episode 51 – The Offbeat World of Able and Game

Episode 52 – How to Thrive in the Face of Illness and Injury with Heidi Fahrenbacher

Episode 53 – Why You Need to Find Your Micro-Niche

Episode 54 – Ways to Increase Your Profits

Episode 55 – 8 Places You Can Get Help with Your Handmade Business

Episode 56 – Are You In the Arena?

Episode 57 – How and Why to Take a Digital Sabbatical

Episode 58 – Why Perfection is a Dangerous Illusion

Episode 59 – 10 Tips for Established Handmade Sellers {Part 1}

Episode 60 – 10 Tips for Established Handmade Sellers {Part 2}

Episode 61 – Why isn’t My Marketing Working?

Episode 62 – Making the Transition from Hobbyist to Business Owner

Episode 63 – What’s Your Definition of Success?

Episode 64 – Making the Functional Beautiful with Clare Collyer of Zillpa

Episode 65 – How to Start or Get Featured on a Podcast with Katie Wyatt

Episode 66 – Expectations Vs Reality

Episode 67 – Ignite Your Creative Spark with Katy McCullough

Episode 68 – The Future of Online Selling with Jonathan Peacock of Zibbet

Episode 69 – How to Run an Effective Giveaway

Episode 70 – How to Organise a Professional Photo Shoot with Christina Lowry

Episode 71 – Why You Should Treat Social Media Like a Cocktail Party

Episode 72 – Stop Focusing on Number of Sales and Start Focusing on the Numbers That Really Matter

Episode 73 – Handmade Holiday Biz Checklist 2016

Episode 74 – 5 Key Steps to Setting Up Shop Online

Episode 75 – How to Spring Clean Your Website

Episode 76 – How to Create Professional Packaging with Kara Irvine

Episode 77 – How to Run an Effective Business Partnership with Nicole and Delilah from Dear Handmade Life

Episode 78 – Behind the Scenes of Epheriell: Order Processing

Episode 79 – How to Make the Most of the Slow Times

Episode 80 – What do YOU Want on the C&T Podcast in 2017?

Episode 81 – How to Overcome Creative Block with Christina Lowry

Episode 82 – How to Deal with Unhappy Customers

Episode 83 – How to Grow Your Instagram Account with Steph Wallace

Episode 84 – How to Help Your Customers Feel Good About Your Business

Episode 85 – Thank you, see you in 2017!

Episode 86 – Planning for the Year Ahead

Episode 87 – Enticing People to Your Mailing List

Episode 88 – Avoid Burnout with Laura Brassie

Episode 89 – Mastering SEO with Feuza Reis

Episode 90 – Collective Store Pros & Cons with Christina Douglas

Episode 91 – 7 Tips for Work at Home Creatives

Episode 92 – REDUX: 5 Time Management Hacks You Should Try Today

Episode 93 – How to Successfully Combine Art and Design with Annie Everingham

Episode 94 – How to Use the Subscription Model to Grow Your Handmade Business

Episode 95 – The Pros & Cons of Amazon Handmade & Shopify with Linda Blume from Rustica Jewelry

Episode 96 – Passive and Alternative Income Streams

Episode 97 – How To Expand Your Business with Poppy Treffry

Episode 98 – The Power of Putting Yourself Out There with Stacie Bloomfield of Gingiber

Episode 99 – Making Friends with the Tyranny of Never Being Finished

Episode 100 – 10 Truths About Running a Handmade Business

Episode 101 – In The Fire of Transformation with Claire Anderson

Episode 102 – How to Choose the Right Ideas to Action with Kez Tutton

Episode 103 – Finding the Space to Just Be

Episode 104 – Developing Your Signature Style with Caitlin from Ink & Spindle

Episode 105 – Should You Start a Second Shop?

Episode 106 – Staying Open to Possibilities with Lisa Congdon

Episode 107 – Top Takeaways From Artful Business Conference and More

Episode 108 – Stop Trying to Do Everything at Once

Episode 109 – The Digital Tools I Use to Run my Business – 2017

Episode 110 – Business Intensive with Judy Carlson

Episode 111 – Handmade Business is Hard Work

Episode 112 – How to Rock Facebook Live with Jackie Muscat

Episode 113 – Seeking Freedom with Beth Kempton

Episode 114 – The Starving Artist Myth with Kerstin Pressler

Episode 115 – Business Intensive with Steph Wallace

Episode 116 – Do you still think that a job is the best way of making a living?

Episode 117 – Round Table Q&A with Thrivers in Winchester, England

Episode 118 – The Only Race is With Yourself

Episode 119 – 10 Steps to Wholesale Readiness

Episode 120 – Can you make a successful living selling OOAK items online?

Episode 121 –  How to Embrace Change

Episode 122 – How to be a Misfit Entrepreneur with Kate Toon

Episode 123 – The 4 Things Holding you Back from Succeeding [REDUX]

Episode 124 – The Legalities of Handmade Business with Christina Scalera [Part One]

Episode 125 – Can I have a successful handmade business without Etsy?

Episode 126 – The Legalities of Handmade Business with Christina Scalera [Part Two]

Episode 127 – Self-Leadership with Karen Gunton

Episode 128 – The Fears We All Face

Episode 129 – Stop, and Focus on What You’re Grateful For

Episode 130 – When a Hobby Should Stay a Hobby with Amanda Adams

Episode 131 – #LookBackMoveForward – a Yearly Review Process

Episode 132 – How to Have an Effective Monthly Planning Day (Premium Episode)

Handmade Biz Tip #1 – It’s a Marathon, Not a Sprint

Episode 133 – Outsourcing Production with Britta Boeckmann

Handmade Biz Tip #2 – Unfollow Your Competition

Handmade Biz Tip #3 – Find Your Micro-Niche

Episode 134 – Sharing Our Success Stories

Handmade Biz Tip #4 – Claim Your Name

Episode 135 – Top Tips for Launching a New Product

Handmade Biz Tip #5 – The Customer Isn’t Always Right

Episode 136 – Why you Need to Stop Feeling Bad about Charging Money for your Craft

Handmade Biz Tip #6 – 5 Qualities of Successful Business Owners

Episode 137 –  Set Up an Effective Sales Funnel with Chanelle White

Handmade Biz Tip #7 – Use the Right Keywords in your Product Titles

Episode 138 – Satsuma Street: a Success Story

Handmade Biz Tip #8 – Set Up an Order Processing System

Episode 139 – How Max & Me Became a Smashing Success with Stacey Howard

Handmade Biz Tip #9 – Sell on Etsy

Episode 140 – Goal Setting Do’s and Don’ts for your Business (Member-Exclusive Episode)

Handmade Biz Tip #10 – None of Us are Ever Finished

Episode 141 – Grow your Side Hustle with Chris Guillebeau

Handmade Biz Tip #11 – Build your Courage Muscle

Episode 142 – Success Story: Bare Hands Bracelets

Handmade Biz Tip #12 – Brand your Craft

Episode 143 – Growing a Jewellery Design Business with Priyanka Kedia of AYVA

Handmade Biz Tip #13 – Use Trello (or Something Like it) to Capture and Organise your Ideas

Episode 144 – The Power of Pinterest [Member-Exclusive]

Handmade Biz Tip #14 – Underpromise and Overdeliver

Episode 145 – Erin Dollar of Cotton & Flax

Handmade Biz Tip #15 – Use Etsy Shop Updates to Get Seen

Episode 146 – Set up Good Systems with Marina Darlow

Handmade Biz Tip #16

Episode 147 – The Circle of Control {Member Exclusive}

Handmade Biz Tip #17 – Use Linktree on Instagram

Episode 148 –  How and Why to Take a Digital Sabbatical {REDUX}

Handmade Biz Tip  #18 – Everything is Figureoutable!

#MakingItPodcourse: Mindset | Lesson 1: Facing Fear

#MakingItPodcourse: Mindset | Lesson 2: Expectations vs. Reality

#MakingItPodcourse: Mindset | Lesson 3: The Pitfalls of Perfectionism

#MakingItPodcourse: Mindset | Lesson 4: Confidence & Courage

#MakingItPodcourse: Mindset | Lesson 5: Overcoming Overwhelm

#MakingItPodcourse: Mindset | Lesson 6: The Pull of Procrastination

#MakingItPodcourse: Mindset | Lesson 7: How to Make It

#MakingItPodcourse: Mindset | Lesson 8: What’s Your Money Story?

#MakingItPodcourse: Money | Lesson 9: Charge What You’re Worth

#MakingItPodcourse: Money | Lesson 10: You May Not Make Money Right Away… & That’s Okay

#MakingItPodcourse: Money | Lesson 11: Get a Handle on Your Bookkeeping

#MakingItPodcourse: Money | Lesson 12: Make More Profit

#MakingItPodcourse: Money | Lesson 13: Alternative & Passive Income Streams

#MakingItPodcourse: Money | Lesson 14: How to Make It: Money

#MakingItPodcourse: Marketing | Lesson 15: What is Marketing?#MakingItPodcourse: Marketing | Lesson 16: Tell Your Story

#MakingItPodcourse: Marketing | Lesson 17: Improve your Visual Marketing

#CTMonthInTheLife – A Photo-a-Day Instagram Challenge for Makers – Starts August 1, 2018!

#MakingItPodcourse: Marketing | Lesson 18: Improve your SEO

#MakingItPodcourse: Marketing | Lesson 19: Use Your Mailing List

#MakingItPodcourse: Marketing | Lesson 20: How to Use Social Media

#MakingItPodcourse: Marketing | Lesson 21: How to Make It: Marketing

#MakingItPodcourse: Business Management | Lesson 22: Manage Your Expectations

#MakingItPodcourse: Business Management | Lesson 23: Manage Your Focus

#MakingItPodcourse: Business Management | Lesson 24: Manage Your Energy

#MakingItPodcourse: Business Management | Lesson 25: Manage Your Time

#MakingItPodcourse: Business Management | Lesson 26: Manage Your Workflow & Business Systems

#MakingItPodcourse: Business Management | Lesson 27: Manage Your Schedule

#MakingItPodcourse: Business Management | Lesson 28: Making It: Business Management

#MakingItPodcourse: Wrap-Up, Reflection, & a Special Offer!

Episode 155 –  Magnetic Marketing with Shannon Bush

Episode 156 – You Don’t Have to Market the Way Everybody Else Does! {Members-Only}

Episode 157 – Leverage your Etsy Shop with Danielle Spurge

Episode 158 – 10 Steps to Put Boundaries Around your Work

Episode 159 – Top Tips for Selling your Handmade Goods Wholesale with Melanie AugustinEpisode

Episode 160  – Focus on the Small Steps [Members-Only Episode]

Episode 161 – The number 1 reason handmade businesses fail (and 3 strategies to overcome it)

Episode 162 – 7 Reasons to Sell your Craft Online

Episode 163 – PR: How to Pitch with Brigitte Lyons

Episode 164 – Should you Offer Free Shipping: the Pros and Cons {Members Only}

Episode 165 – 10 Things I’ve Learnt in 10 Years in Business

Episode 166 – Pricing & Branding with Megan Auman

Episode 167 –  Art & Travel with Alice Tams

Episode 168 – Check out my NEW podcast – The Business of Making!

Episode 169 – Key Takeaways from the Etsy Search Update [Members Only]

Summer Series 2018 – Grow your Side Hustle with Chris Guillebeau

Summer Series 2018 – Set up Good Systems with Marina Darlow

Summer Series 2018 – How Max & Me Became a Smashing Success with Stacey Howard

Summer Series 2018 – Being Boss with Emily Thompson

Summer Series 2018 – Magnetic Marketing with Shannon Bush

Episode 170 – How to take product photos with your smartphone (iPhone or Android) with Chaitra Radhakrishna

Episode 171 – 8 Reasons why your Traffic isn’t Converting to Sales

Episode 172 – How PR can Help you Grow a Niche Handmade Business with Aidan Mackinnon

Episode 173 – What Do I Send to my Email List? {Premium Episode}

Episode 174 – Growing a Business via Customer-Led Product Development with Jacinta Taylor

Episode 175 – The Journey to Create a Brand that Stands Out with Catherine Hildner

Episode 176 – Overplanning vs. Underplanning: How to Balance the Pros & Cons

Episode 177 – It’s Okay to Stay Small {Premium Episode}

Episode 178 – Social Activism & Your Craft Business with Cath Young

Episode 179 – Selling One-of-a-Kind Online with Kriket Broadhurst

Episode 180 – Don’t be Afraid to Put your Etsy shop in Holiday Mode.

Episode 181 – 5 Non-Negotiable Keys to Selling Your Craft Online

Episode 182 – The Stats to Track for your Handmade Business {Inc. Downloadable Spreadsheet}

Episode 183 – Handmade Shop Policies: What you MUST Include (with Etsy-Specific Guidance)

Episode 184 – How to Teach In-Person Workshops on your Craft

Episode 185 – 4th Anniversary Q&A – I answer your handmade business questions.

Episode 186 – 9 Strategies to Overcome Analysis Paralysis [Premium]

Episode 187 – Do the Work

Episode 188 – Belle and Union – the Realities of Running a Brick & Mortar Biz

Episode 189 – The Power of a Unique Brand – with Jill from For Strange Women

Episode 190 – Steps to Pinterest Success {Premium}

Episode 191 – Branding Blunders to Avoid with Julie Gibbons

Episode 192 – Roadmap to Success with Catie Miller

Episode 193 – How Craft Saved SuzAnne Taylor’s Life

Episode 194 – 6 Tactics to Organise your To-Do List [Premium]

Episode 195 – The Challenges of Going from Job to Business with Katherine DaSilva

Episode 196 – Why you should (maybe) keep you day job. 

Episode 197 – How to Plan your Next Project… Properly! With Kate Hutcheson.

Episode 198 – Setting Boundaries in your Handmade Biz {Premium}

Episode 199 – 5 Ways to Find Shops to Stock your Handmade Products

Episode 200 – An Interview with Jess’ Husband Nick – His Side of the Creative Journey

Episode 201 – Heidi Luerra and the Work of Art

Episode 202 – How & Why to Document your Business SystemsEpisode

Episode 203 –  Emails that Get Attention with Katie Salmon

Episode 204 – Grow your Handmade Biz via YouTube with Patrick Adair

Making It Podcourse – Week 1 – MINDSET

Making It Podcourse – Week 2 – MONEY

Making It Podcourse – Week 3 – MARKETING

MakingItPodcourse – Week 4 – BUSINESS MANAGEMENT

Episode 205 – How to choose the right platform for your handmade website & shop

Episode 206 – When you want to quit 

Episode 207 – So you want to run an Instagram challenge…

Episode 208 – How to deal with unhappy customers (Redux)

Episode 209 – 16 Strategies to Survive the Silly Sales Season

Episode 210 – 6 years, 12 employees, and $1 mil revenue… the inspirational story of Popov Leather.

Episode 211 – Selling via subscription & my Earring-of-the-Month Club story

Episode 212 – Etsy SEO Live Workshop Replay (with info direct from Etsy themselves)

Episode 213 – 10 Things I Wish I’d Known when I Started my Handmade Busines

Episode 215 – Stop looking for the ‘secret of success’ in business – do this instead.

Episode 216 – How to make your online jewellery biz thrive with Raphaela of Fifth Heaven Designs

Episode 217 – Finding the Confidence to Start Your Handmade Biz

Episode 218 – De-Risking the Move to Self-Employment with Matt Baker

Episode 219 –  Are You your own Worst Enemy?

Episode 220 – Weaving a Business with Jen Duffin of Nova Mercury

Episode 221 – What’s the point of your biz – and why should people care?

Episode 222 – How Branding Shapes the Story of your Business with Katie Saunders

Episode 223 – COVID-19 & Your Handmade Business (Coronavirus)

Episode 224 – 24 Years & Counting with Christine Tenenholtz

Episode 225 – 9 Steps to Name your Handmade Business

Episode 226 – Modern Stained Glass Artist Lauren Earl of Szklo Glass

Episode 227 – Don’t leave your customers with obvious questions!

Episode 228 – 5 Key Steps to Selling Handmade Online

Episode 229 – Product Photography Top Tips with Amy Eaton

Episode 230 – 7 Types of Handmade Product Photos you Should Be Taking

Episode 231 – The Wonderful Paper & Wood World of Zack Mclaughlin

Episode 232 – 5 Things to Avoid when Taking Handmade Product Photos

Episode 233 – Beci Orpin’s Multi-faceted Art Career

Episode 234 – What is an ideal customer, and why does knowing who they are matter?

Episode 235 – Self-Awareness, Creativity, & Self-Worth with Erica Ando

Episode 236 – 5 Reasons you Should Use Pinterest to Promote your Handmade Business

Episode 237 – How to use video & Pinterest to grow your Biz with Naa Ardua Flohic

Join me for the #PinterestChallenge in September!

Episode 238 – I quit social media for a month (here’s how, and what happened…) 

Episode 239 – Tracy Matthews’s Jewellery Journey

Episode 240 – 7 Ways you’re Sabotaging the Success of your Etsy Shop

Episode 241 – How to Undertake a Successful Re-brand with Aliya Hutchison of Soap Cult

Episode 242 – Should you start an Etsy shop?

Episode 243 – Standing out on Instagram with Chereen Leong Schwarz

Episode 244 -10 #WFH tips I’ve learnt from 10 years of self-employment

Episode 245 – How Sigriet Ferrer has Pivoted her Terrarium Business During COVID

Episode 246 – Should you Participate in Black Friday + Other Sales Events (Boxing Day, Cyber Monday, etc.)?

Episode 247 -From Law Enforcement to Jewellery Making – Sarah Miller of Seaside Harmony Jewelry

Episode 248 – Finding Mindfulness via Puzzles with Kristy O’Kane of Okay Lady

Episode 249 – How quickly should you reply to customer messages?

Episode 250 -This couple wanted to work together – so they created their own homewares business

Episode 251 – How to beat overwhelm in the new year – Stop, Start, Continue…

Episode 252 – 20 Instagram Post Ideas (for Handmade and Product-Based Businesses

Join me for the Instagram Challenge in Feb 2021!

Episode 253 – Candles, COVID, and Working with Family – with Annie White-Brown

Episode 254 – 10 Etsy shop tweaks for more sales (that you might not have thought of).

Episode 255 -Pivoting from Markets to Selling OOAK Online with Upswitch

Episode 256 – 5 Books That Will Make you More Productive

Episode 257 – Should you bother posting daily to Instagram?

Episode 258 – How to manage your money when you’re self-employed

Episode 259 – Etsy Fees Explained

Episode 260 – How to grow a super-successful jewellery school with Jessica Rose

Episode 261 – 10 Ways to Improve your Product Photos

Episode 262 – 7-Figure Amazon Handmade Biz Owner Dana Midkiff Shares her Story

Episode 263 – Getting Ready to Launch a Handmade Biz – Interview with Amanda Adams of Dream Forged Dice

Episode 264 – Can you have a Successful Handmade Business WITHOUT Using Social Media?

Episode 265 – How I Organise my Life & Businesses

Episode 266 – Beautiful Branding – the Do’s and Don’ts: Kelly McElroy of Star Castle Studio

Episode 267 – Etsy Star Seller – Another Etsy Fail?

Episode 268 – Do these 5 Things BEFORE you Open your Online Shop

Episode 269 – How Amanda (Almost) Sold Out when her Etsy Shop Launched!

5 Reasons to Have a Mailing List – For Handmade Business

Episode 271 – Slow & Steady Business Growth and Success with Jenn Johnston

Upcoming Workshop: The Art & Science of Pricing Handmade Crafts

Episode 272 -You’re Probably Pricing Wrong – Handmade Business

Episode 273 – Pinterest Essentials for Makers in 2021 with Kate Ahl of Simple Pin Media

Get 50+ Creative Workshops/eBooks for just $70!

Episode 274 -20 Questions to Ask Yourself BEFORE you Start a Business

Episode 275 – Etsy Success Tips with LL Divens

Episode 276 – Etsy: 5 Ways to Quickly Improve Your Shop + How to Take a Break WITHOUT Using Holiday Mode

Episode 277 – How to Make Awesome Instagram Reels with Kar Brulhart

Episode 278 – 6 Lessons I’ve Learnt from 13 Years Selling on Etsy

Episode 279 – Clare Smythson of Ornately Lanterns

Episode 280 – I’ve made 65k from one product alone… the power of reproducible products

Episode 281 – How to Design & Sell Printables Online with Julie Berninger

Episode 282 – How to Deal with Unhappy Online Customers in your Handmade Business

Episode 283 – Growing your Handmade Business with Instagram: Yulia Anderson of Matryoshka Doll Shop

Episode 284 -My Thoughts on the Etsy Strike & Petition of 2022

Episode 285 – How Cassandra Pons Grew her Handmade Fashion Label

Episode 286 – How Etsy Search Works: all the things that affect your shop and product ranking

Episode 287 – How to get your handmade goods into retail shops – do’s and don’ts of reaching out to retailers

Episode 288 – Top Pinterest Tips for Etsy Sellers 2022

Episode 289 – Graphic Design Fundamentals for Makers with Ron Miller

Etsy Keywords 101: Fundamentals of Choosing The Right Ones (& FREE Download!)

6 Ways to Find and Refine your Etsy Keywords [291]

Etsy Purchase Protection – Will it Work for You? [292]

5 Ways You’re Sabotaging Your Own Success – In Handmade Business [293]

10 Tips for Etsy Success from a Full-Time Seller! [294]

Rank Higher In Etsy Search by Asking this One Question… [295]

5 Tips to BOOST your Christmas Sales! [296]

Etsy Resellers vs. Production Partners – which is it? [297]

Make Amazing Reels – Fast & Easy Tips [298]

Look Back, Move Forward 2023! A FREE Mini-Course

Etsy Beginner Guide! 6 Essential Tips for Starting & Growing an Etsy Shop [299]

Handmade Business Bootcamp 2023!

10 Truths About Handmade Business – Lessons I’ve Learnt in 14+ years running my Jewellery Biz {300}

If I Started a New Etsy Shop Today, I’d do THIS. (8 Steps to SUPERCHARGE your Shop in 2023) [301]

5 Ways to INCREASE PROFITS in your Jewellery Biz with Jessica Rose [302]

How to Take your Business Temperature with Katie Hunt of Proof to Product! {303}

Set Up Shop in 2023 – Registration Open Now!

Is Etsy Over? {304}

I made all these Etsy shop mistakes… so you don’t have to [305]

Printables: A Beginner Guide with Cody Berman [306]

I’m taking a break…

Top Tips for Excellent Etsy Product Photos [307]

How to get your FIRST Etsy sale! {308}

So my bestie wanted to sell her handmade dice online… here’s what happened!

12 Mistakes You Might Be Making With Your Handmade Business

Join the Holiday Prep Challenge 2023!

Reels Ideas for Makers (without having to show your face) + The Reels Challenge!

Should you sell on Etsy in 2024? [312]

Reproducible VS. One-Of-A-Kind Handmade Products – Which should you sell? [313]

A debrief of 2023.

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