Before you move forward, it’s crucial to take a look back.


Welcome to #LookBackMoveForward – A FREE mini-course!

Taking the time at the turn of a brand-new year to look back over the year just gone, we can find amazing clarity that will illuminate the path to start our journey into the new year with strength and confidence.

Over 5 days starting Jan 2nd, I’m going to guide you through a series of 10 questions that will help you to get a crystal clear picture of what worked – and what didn’t! – in 2022.


Here’s what the course has in store:


1. Each day, I’ll send you an email with 2 questions to workshop.

By breaking the review down into bite-sized chunks – and prompting you each day – you’ll find it a breeze to get your review done. The last thing I want you to do is think ‘oh, that sounds great, I’ll get around to it’… and then never actually DO it.


2. Each day of the course, I’m also going to be live on YouTube to talk through the questions of the day, and I’d love for you to come along and share your answers with us!

You can also take the opportunity to chat with me and ask me biz questions.

The times will vary so I can help people in different timezones… just make sure to subscribe to my YouTube Channel right here and turn on notifications!

BTW – If you’re joining me and the rest of the Thriver Circle on Jan 9th for the Handmade Biz Bootcamp, the #LBMF course will be the perfect way to set yourself up to hit the ground running when that course starts.

When you finish this mini-course, you’ll know what went well in 2022, and what didn’t.

You’ll have a clearer idea of your financial position and goals.

You’ll know what you’ve been avoiding, and what risks you need to take to launch your business forward in 2023.

This free mini-course is going out to all of my email subscribers, so if you’re not already on the list, just click here and enter your email to join us for the course.

Look out for the first lesson in your inbox on January 2nd!

Here’s to an awesome start to 2023!

~ Jess

TLDR: If you want to join us, make sure to subscribe to the emails, and my YouTube channel!

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