Etsy Fees Explained [259]

Etsy fees got you gnashing your teeth in frustration? They may seem complicated, but in this video/podcast, I break every single fee down so you can get clear – once and for all – what Etsy is going to be charging you to sell on the platform. I also give...

Making It Podcourse – Week 2 – MONEY

Welcome to the Making It Podcourse!
It’s back! Those of you who are long-time listeners to the show may remember the original Making It Podcourse I ran in July 2018.

Well, I’ve re-organised the lessons, and am bringing this free course to you again in September 2019 – but this time, in weekly chunks.

Each episode will be approximately an hour long, packed full of lessons.

Today is the second week of the course, and in it, I take you on a money journey – helping you figure out your money story, clarifying what you can expect out of your business in the early days, addressing the ‘what should I charge’ question, clarifying profit, and much more.

In September I’ll be releasing an episode once per week, via the Create & Thrive Podcast – on the topics of mindset, money, marketing, and business management.

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