Over the years I’ve developed a system of capturing and organising ideas, information and appointments/tasks that works for me, a fully-self-employed woman who runs 2 businesses (and is part of a third).

The key? Stuff needs to be written down, and everything needs a specific home, so nothing gets lost or forgotten.

In today’s video/podcast, I’m going to share the exact system and tools (apps, etc.) that I use to stay organised, on-task, and keep everything running smoothly.

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In this upcoming live workshop, we’re talking time management – specifically, how to better manage your time, energy, and attention, so you can be more productive, and live in a state of energised calm – rather than a state of stress and overwhelm.

This will not only help you to grow your business – it will make your life as a whole much more enjoyable!

I’ll share a number of ideas for gaining back time; I discuss how to gain more energy through better management of sleep, exercise, diet, and relaxation; and I share a number of time management hacks, strategies, and apps you can use to better manage your focus in the time you have.

Workshop happening online & live: Thursday July 29th at 11am Australian Eastern Standard Time (Brisbane, Australia time).

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If you’re seeing this after July, this workshop will be recorded and available to all members of the Circle in our Workshop Library.

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