You know I’m all about no-nonsense advice about growing a creative business – and my guest today is aaaaall about that.

Heidi Luerra is the founder and force behind RAW artist showcases, which she founded in LA 10 years ago.

She’s also the author of the upcoming book The Work of Art: A No-Nonsense Field Guide for Creative Entrepreneurs.

In this interview, she describes how RAW came to be (and her background as a fashion designer); how she’s grown it into a global organisation; and she shares some tips from her book on how you can be more successful as a creative entrepreneur.


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Quotes and highlights from this episode:

  • Heidi started in fashion and design and after crossing paths with a variety of creatives over the years coordinated a showcase featuring fashion, art and music.
  • The event was so successful that Heidi shifted her focus into further developing these showcases which lead to the development of RAW artists.
  •  “You can network all day on social media but there is nothing like in person communication and exchange” {Heidi}
  • With RAW showcases, rather than pay a booth fee, artists sell tickets to cover costs.
  • This crowdfunding-type model can open up opportunities for creatives who may not otherwise be able to afford to pay gallery or showcase booth fees.
  • “There has never been a better time to be a creative entrepreneur—you have the world at your fingertips” {Heidi}
  • “A common mistake many artists make is at the first sign of success they quit their day job and could possibly put themselves in a precarious situation” {Heidi}
  • There are ebbs and flows throughout your creative career and there will be times when it feels like your creativity and drive are exhausted.
  • “When you are a professional you have to keep going and work out how to keep going” {Jess}
  • Check out Heidi’s book here.
  • RAW artists.

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