[107] Top Takeaways From Artful Business Conference and More


I was lucky enough to join some wonderful creative business colleagues at this year’s Artful Business Conference!

That, of course, included a number of Thriver Circle members… you can see that we were taking thing very, very seriously…


(Photo courtesy of Kez Tutton. Left to right are Kez, Sue, Me, Jayne, and Steph)

As always, I came away from the weekend energised, inspired, and full of new ideas (as well as reminders of ‘old’ ones I’d put on the back-burner).

This week, I wanted to share with you some highlights and some advice I took from the event that will help all our businesses thrive.

In this episode I share with you what I came away with and my own personal ‘best bits’ of the Artful Business Conference.

I also share some pretty exciting changes for Thriver Circle Members… so let’s go!


Quotes and Highlights from this Episode:

  • One of the key note speakers was the knowledgeable Kate Toon who spoke all things SEO (Search Engine Optimisation).
  • SEO is a topic that is so important to learn about and utilise as a business tool.
  • It is incredibly important to get it right so that you show up in search engines.
  • Another speaker who was a breath of fresh air was Elle Roberts with her talk on the ‘7 Rules for Entrepreneurs and When to Break Them’.
  • Because let’s face it, sometimes the rules need to be broken!
  • Remembering there are no hard and fast rules and that you must run your business in a way that works for you is so important.
  • Kylie Lewis shared some insights into marketing and delved deep into the ‘Why’ of your business and how important it is.
  • Kylie shared a video with us that I wanted to pass on to you as it really helps open up marketing possibilities by re-framing the order in which we tell our story:

  • I want to share with you my own takeaways/action steps: what I will be doing with all this new information and inspiration:
    • I will be updating my websites
    • I will work on my SEO
    • I will be putting myself out there offering my knowledge and experience on other podcasts (watch this space!)
    • A few little changes that will make big impacts within the Thriver Circle to shake things up a little.
    • A new Q&A video series to answer your questions about running a handmade business (if you have one I can answer in under 5 min, leave it in the comments below!).


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