Stellar product photos are KEY to successfully selling your handmade creations online.

There are lots of ways you can work to improve your photos (and if you need help, the C&T Guide to Product Photography will help) but today, I wanted to focus on 7 types of photos you should consider including in each product listing.

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Just a shout-out that this is just a segment of what I’ll be covering in an upcoming workshop inside the Thriver CircleSteps to Improve your Product Photography.

You get get access to that over at – it’s happening late May 2020.

 Studio/Main image

  • Plain background
  • Product is star of the show
  • Shows the whole product from its best angle

Scale photo

  • Shows the size of your products
  • Important! Because people often miss measurements
  • Use your hand, body, or a common household item

Detail photo

  • Has your product got interesting details? (inside of bag, trim or detail on garment, clasp on necklace)
  • Show a close-up shot showing important details.

Lifestyle/Model shot

  • How will this item ‘live’ in your customers life?
  • Show it in its natural environment – ring on a hand, clothes on a person, art on a wall.

Group photo

  • Show a group of your items together – either the same ones, variations, or collections of complementary items
  • Can be a great way of cross-promoting your products, and encouraging cross-selling or upselling (a larger version, for example – or a bundle).

Packaging photo

  • Can be a great way to show off your beautiful packaging, and let the customer know – visually – how their item will arrive.
  • Also an opportunity to reinforce your brand.

Process photo

  • Show the handmade element!
  • Either you in your studio, your hands crafting, an in-process shot, your item surrounded by the tools needed to make it – there are lots of options.
  • This is another great way of showing the face behind the business, and the branding and ethos of your business.

Want more? Remember to check out my workshop in the Thriver Circle – Steps to Improve your Product Photography – running live in late May 2020 – and the recording will be available afterwards if you see this later.

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