Ready to tap into one of the fastest-growing marketing platforms on the internet? Yep, I’m talking Pinterest – and I believe it is one of THE best potential drivers of traffic to your handmade business.

Those of you who’ve been in the Thriver Circle for over a year may remember the #PinterestChallenge from last year (or even the year before).

But this year, it’s better then ever before! (More on that shortly…)

The #PinterestChallenge helped many of you grow your Pinterest accounts – and therefore, your website traffic.

Pinterest is one of the top drivers of traffic to my own businesses, and if you’re not already using it – or not using it to its full potential – this challenge aims to help you up your Pinterest game, and drive more people to your online store.


What is the #PinterestChallenge?


Basically – it’s a chance to grow your Pinterest account (and therefore traffic to your website!) via a month-long challenge in a group setting.

The detailed steps of the challenge will be announced inside the Circle – so if you’re a member, head on over there now and look in the ‘Latest Updates’ section for the post which goes into more detail.

The basic gist is that you will spend a minimum of 10 minutes every weekday working on your Pinterest account.

And – bonus! – I will also be sharing one Pinterest tip or hack each weekday inside the Thriver Circle forum on Facebook.

I’ve got lots of juicy Pinterest suggestions for you!


This challenge will run the whole month of September, 2020.


Ready to imporove your Pinterest game, and grow your website traffic?

Click here to join the Thriver Circle if you’re not already a member.

If you are, just make sure to head over to the ‘Events’ tab in the FB group and sign up for the #PinterestChallenge event! – we’ll be kicking off September 1st!


Before you begin…

Don’t miss the indepth video workshop I released recently inside the Thriver Circle.

If you’re a member, and logged in, just click here to take the workshop now so you’re ready to go come September 1st!

If you’re not a member, you can join us right here, right now!

Make sure to sign up at least a few days before September so you have a chance to get your membership set up and take this Pinterest workshop before the challenge kicks off!

Hope to see you there – here’s to growing our traffic!

Jess 🙂

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