You’ve heard you should be using email to market your handmade business – but how do you get people to open – and act on – your emails?

My guest on this episode – Katie Salmon – is a self-proclaimed marketing geek and spends her days dreaming about how to help business owners sell more stuff. Since 2016, she’s been serving clients through her boutique marketing agency Katie Does Marketing, where she has helped shop owners turn email marketing into a lucrative sales channel.

But Katie knows that not all businesses are ready to outsource their marketing, so this year, she co-founded Shop Pop, a one-stop resource center with marketing education and templates. Through Shop Pop, Katie hopes to help shop owners get the skills and confidence they need to do better their marketing in less time.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Why email is more effective than social media to get sales;
  • How to create a subject line that gets people to open your emails;
  • How to best design an email to get people’s attention;
  • Why you need to design for mobile;
  • The importance of a clear call to action – and more! 

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Quotes and highlights from this episode:

  • You can have fun and be creative with your marketing.
  • “If you’re not on social media how will people know you exist” {Katie}
  • Someone is three times more likely to see your email than see your social media post.
  •  “People are more receptive to sales messages from email than from social media” {Katie}
  • The subject line is the gatekeeper of your email – if it is not engaging it will be deleted.
  • Keep your subject line short at ideally 40 characters or less. This ensures it is not cut off on a mobile device.
  • Create intrigue in your subject line by using power words such as “limited edition” and “last call”.
  • Experiment with your subject lines and see what works for your audience.
  • “You can read blog posts and look at studies but your audience is your audience and it is important to take an investigative approach with email marketing” {Katie}
  • As makers, it is powerful to begin your emails with an image.
  • Critically look at the email marketing you always open. What common elements capture your attention?
  • “The number one thing you need to think of is how is this going to look on someone’s tiny phone” {Katie}
  • Ensure your email has clear calls to action throughout as readers often do not make it to the end.
  • In your email focus on why you believe in your product, how it is thoughtfully designed to serve clients and how it will make people’s lives better. 
  • “It won’t seem like selling, it will feel like service” {Katie}
  • Cultivate a healthy and engaged subscriber list.
  • It is common that the large your list and the longer your list the lower your open rate.
  • “Email marketing is something that you commit to and takes time to see results” {Katie}
  • There are no quick results with marketing – you will need to take time to build relationships and see results.
  • Find Katie at Shop Pop.

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