[79] How to Make the Most of the Slow Times


While we are all in the midst of the busiest time of year – selling, making, shipping and promoting our wares in time for Christmas – it is important to take stock of all the craziness. Soon it will be over and you will very likely be faced with the dreaded quiet time.

Quiet times will happen in any business: even the most established will have its ups and downs.

It’s so important to be prepared for this, to put yourself in the mindset that it is okay to have slow times (they are just a regular part of business) and therefore devise a plan for how you will spend the extra time wisely.

In this episode Meredith and I discuss some ideas that you can use to start your own ‘slow times list’ of jobs that are not urgent but can be done during the quiet periods if your creative business.





Quotes and highlights from this Episode:

  • Some ideas for you are:
  • 1. Revamp your website
  • Websites are always a work in progress so quiet times are really great for doing any updating of information and making it new and fresh.
  • 2. Learn something new
  • Do some reading, update your skills, do an online course or sign up for some lessons locally.
  • The Thriver Circle workshops are great to revisit and keep those skills up to date!
  • 3. Re-organise, de-clutter, clean up.
  • There is no better time for this than when you have some spare hours available.
  • It is so nice to have a clean workspace in preparation for more making and to keep you inspired.
  • 4. Work on your email list
  • If it has been a while since you sent an email to your subscribers or you are yet to begin this journey quiet times are perfect for this!
  • It let’s people know you are still there and can help drum up business.
  • 5. Update your photos
  • Shoot some new photos of your best sellers for a refresh.
  • Take some new photos to be shared on social media, some beautiful images that reflect your brand.
  • 6. Focus on Social Media and SEO
  • Update your social media schedule to ensure you are keeping on top of it.
  • Having a plan is really great to ensure you never run out of content and you are aware of what you should be promoting.
  • Search yourself online to see what comes up – this is a great way to see what you could be doing with SEO.
  • 7. Reward yourself
  • Take the opportunity for some down time. Either schedule a holiday or take a day to just spend on yourself.
  • It is important to rest and recover in between being busy!


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Jocelyn Serone

Thanks for another great podcast! I actually plan out my year to use my quiet times for designing new garments or practicing new embroidery/sewing techniques. I just find there is no time for these jobs during the usual busy time of “making”!

Sally Richards

Just catching up with some podcasts I haven’t had time for recently! There’s some great advice in here! I also use slow times for doing either partial, or full, stock take (inventory). It’s one of those things that has to be done if you don’t use a rolling inventory programme, but planning it in is not always easy. Here in the Uk, tax returns are timed from Apr 6 one year, to Apr 5 next year, so just after Christmas, when it does tend to be slow, is a great time to take stock of all your raw materials. Of course, as your business grows, you need to be on top of this all the time, but when your just starting out, and getting one sale a month, or whatever, then it’s easier not to have a rolling inventory, which means you need to stock take at least once a year. Do you need any more of various items? All that sort of thing. x

What say you?

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