Are you using Pinterest to grow your handmade business?

If not, (or, if you’ve been slacking off – looking in the mirror here!) then it’s time to revisit why Pinterest is SUCH a great, effective tool to use. 

Today, I’m going to outline 5 reasons why you should consider making Pinterest a key part of your handmade biz marketing strategy.

Also! This month over in the Thriver Circle, I’m releasing a workshop all about Pinterest – how to get started, and the key things you need to know in order to succeed on the platform in 2020 as a handmade business owner.

Moreover, in September, I’ll be running the #PinterestChallenge! This is a challenge I’ve run once a year for a number of years now inside the Circle – it’s basically a challenge to spend 10 minutes a day for the whole month working on Pinterest – with a whole community doing the same!

So if you’d like to get a handle on Pinterest, don’t miss it – come on over and join us in the Circle before the end of August so you have a chance to take the workshop before the #PinterestChallenge kicks off September 1st!

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Highlights from this episode: 

  1. SEO – Pinterest gets lumped together with social media, but it’s more of a search engine. People search on there for things they want – often for things they want to buy – especially around events, and things like house decor design.
  2. Longevity – drives traffic forever, versus the very short-term reach of social media posts. I still get traffic from pins from many years ago!
  3. Visual advantage – as a maker of physical items, you already have lots of content for pinterest! Just upload your lovely photos.
  4. Low-effort – You’ve already got the content (photos, description and keywords) – you just need to add and organise it. No writing big captions. No having to engage with your followers. Simply upload and you’re done!
  5. Hate social media? If you don’t enjoy social media, then Pinterest is an essential tool in your marketing arsenal. I personally don’t spend more than ½ hour per month on the social media channels for my jewellery business – 99% of my sales come from SEO and Pinterest – with some from my mailing list when I send out an email, too. While I think you should have a presence – you do not need to be active on social media to run a successful handmade business!

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