Naa Ardua Flohic has embraced the use of video as part of her business.

She creates videos to help her customers & she runs Facebook live videos – she’s also using YouTube as part of her business strategy!

Today she shares how – and why – video has become such a part of her business strategy. We also dive into talking about one of her other business passions – Pinterest – and how she uses it to drive traffic to her website and Etsy shop.

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Highlights from this episode:

  • Inspired by the lack of superhero representation for her son, Naa Ardua specialises in multicultural digital drawings and illustrations. 
  • Jess and Naa Ardua are both part of this year’s cohort of Etsy U.
  • Naa Ardua is a huge fan of video and uses it to reply to customer enquiries. The response from customers has been overwhelmingly positive.
  • Naa Ardua and Jess have both used Loom to make videos. Loom can screen capture, record audio and video.
  • Videos can make explaining technical information and providing support to customers simple.
  • “You send instructions with your products but people don’t like to read so much” {Naa Ardua}
  • “Use your photos as much as possible to tell customers really important information even if it means putting a picture with words on it that explains something.” {Jess}
  • Naa Ardua and Jess both support a simple tech set up for videos. They use their phones for shorter videos and for longer videos use their webcams and an external microphone.
  • For times when natural lighting is hard to come by Naa Ardua uses a small ring light and Jess uses a lighting box. You don’t need a lot of technology to start making videos.
  • Naa Ardua was super nervous the first time she recorded a live video on Facebook and worried about what could happen.
  • “The more you make the easier it gets. You stop getting self-conscious in front of the camera and it just feels more natural” {Naa Ardua}
  • If you are really worried about videos try making pre-recorded videos first where you can do several takes or edit.
  • To stream her videos to You Tube and Facebook at the same time, Naa Ardua uses StreamYard.
  • Naa Ardua dedicates time to building her Pinterest account and it acts as a significant driver to her blog, courses and Etsy store.
  • Be consistent with pinning on Pinterest to build momentum. Focus on good quality, vertical images.
  • Naa Ardua breaks down her larger jobs into smaller tasks and puts reminders in her phone to complete them. She also uses post-it notes on a dry erase calendar board to help allocate time for tasks. 
  • The State of Handmade survey results show 80% of makers in their first year made less than $1000. 
  • The first few years of setting up a business is a large learning curve and consistent work will pay off over time.
  • Check out Naa Ardua’s work at Paper Flo Design.

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