Sick of relying on Instagram and it’s increasingly worsening algorithm to drive traffic to your handmade businesses?

Ready to tap into one of the fastest-growing marketing platforms on the internet instead?

I’m talking Pinterest – and I believe it is one of THE best potential drivers of traffic to your handmade business.

Those of you who’ve been in the Thriver Circle for over a year may remember the Pinterest Challenge from previous years.

The Pinterest Challenge helped many of you grow your Pinterest accounts – and therefore, your website traffic.

Pinterest is one of the top drivers of traffic to my own businesses, and if you’re not already using it – or not using it to its full potential – this challenge aims to help you up your Pinterest game, and drive more people to your online store.

🔥This challenge will run for 2 weeks, from June 3rd, 2024!

If you find Pinterest overwhelming; you don’t know where to start; or you’ve fallen off the wagon (i.e. out of the habit of using Pinterest regularly) then this challenge will help you!

🔥What is the Pinterest Challenge?

Basically – it’s a chance to grow your Pinterest account (and therefore traffic to your website!) via a two-week-long challenge in a group setting.

The basic gist is that you will spend a minimum of 10 minutes every day working on your Pinterest account.

And – bonus! – I will also be sharing one Pinterest tip or hack with you each day inside the Thriver Circle forum on Facebook.

I’ve got lots of juicy Pinterest suggestions for you!

🔥Ready? Sign up here.

If you’re not sure how Pinterest will help you grow your business, check out this week’s podcast, where I share 8 reasons why it might be the right choice for you!

You can listen to the podcast below, or on your fave podcast app – or you can watch it on YouTube!

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