How much thought have you given to your branding, and how it shapes the story of your business?

My guest today – Katie Saunders – specialises in helping creatives to clarify their branding.

We discuss how much of ‘you’ to put into the business; how your business has a brand whether you’ve consciously crafted it – or not; how to distil your brand down into a few critical talking points; why you should create a positioning statement – and more! 

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Brand your Craft

Does your handmade business have a strong brand identity?

Or are you just treating your creations like commodities – trying to compete on price, and failing to stand out in a crowded marketplace?

Creating a strong, unique brand identity is fundamentally important if you want to make your business stand out from the others in your niche.

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Highlights from this episode:

  1. Katie worked as an art director for over a decade until she set up her own business helping creative business owners establish their brand. Katie’s business is Pop & Grey.
  2. Branding shapes the story of what your business is.
  3. “If you are not intentional about moulding that story than people are going to mould it for you and they may not make your brand what you want it to be.” {Katie} 3:38
  4. Choosing your brand and palette and fonts are step two in the branding package.
  5. Use the information you know about your customers to help shape and define your brand
  6. “If you just build everything based off you, you aren’t taking your customer into consideration at all” {Katie}10:03
  7. Your entire story is too multifaceted to fit into a brand. Work out who your customer is and what appeals to them then focus in on the aspects of your personality that fits with this. 
  8. Not appealing to everyone can feel scary. By having a clear brand, you can build authentic connections with your community that creates loyalty and leads to sales.
  9. “Just pick those few parts of your life that intersect with your business and use that as fodder for your marketing.” {Jess} 16:18
  10. Get started on clarifying your brand with a positioning statement. This is a distilled version of what you do, who you serve and how you’re different and written in a way that sounds like you.
  11. Everything that comes from you should be cohesive and consistent from your emails to your packaging to the experience of buying from you. 
  12. Jess changed her approach to her thank you email from a standard one paragraph response to a longer explanation about what this purchase means to her. This not only resulted in building stronger relationships with her customers but influenced the way she approached her other communication.
  13.  “You can’t compete on price but what you can do is compete on quality and the story that you are telling” {Jess} 31:36
  14.  “What branding helps you do is rise you above the pricing wars because there is just no comparison between what you’re doing and what these other people are doing” {Katie} 32:14 

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