Cassandra Pons knew she wanted to design and make clothes from when she was a teenager upcycling vintage clothes. 

After studying fashion design, she started her business – Lazy Girl Lingerie – in 2016.

After years of dedicated work building her brand, she was able to go full-time in 2021!

Her focus is on diversity and inclusive sizing, and – being a handmade business – she also often makes pieces to fit the measurements of her customers.

Cass was a long-time member of the Thriver Circle – my membership community for makers – and I’ve invited her on the show today because I’ve been watching her business go from strength to strength over the last few years, and wanted her to share what she’s learnt with you all today!

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Highlights from this episode:

  • Cass spoke of how she started out having always been creative since a small girl, and moving into fashion design as a teenager and upcycling vintage clothes. Cass was encouraged by her art teacher to apply for a grant from Youth Arts QLD which she won, and used the funds to buy a sewing machine and a camera. This launched her into the local creative scene in Townsville and allowed her to meet local designers and intern with them.
  • Cass later moved to the Gold Coast and completed an Advanced Diploma in Applied Fashion Design and Technology which taught Cass about subjects including garment construction, IT, and business, and led to an internship.
  • Most people would have experienced frustration at not fitting into standard size clothes, and this became the whole concept of Cass’s business – making items to people’s measurements, and being passionate about diversity and inclusive sizing. Representing diversity in her marketing is also important as this allows people to see themselves in the product.
  • Lazy Girl Lingerie started very naturally in 2016, when Cass started an Instagram page to show what she was making and working on, before starting an Etsy shop, and eventually building a website and Shopify. 
  • Cass has been full time in the business since July 2021, having transitioned slowly from working for someone else full time, then part time and then casual hours to keep an income alongside starting her own business.
  • Cass sells in Australia and internationally, with many customers in the US but more from Australia since Covid. She currently uses Etsy, Shopify, and Pinterest.
  • Cass also uses drop shipping websites. These are larger lingerie boutiques that sell all different brands, and this is a really good way to have your income dispersed in different ways.
  • Jess queried the use of drop shipping. Cass confirmed that this is common in the fashion industry, and also the company actually approached her. This is the beauty of Etsy in that people and companies become aware of you and your products.
  • Marketing was discussed. 
  • “Instagram is a tool that I have always used and I guess my mindset is, instead of trying to sell to people, I’m just showing what I’m doing and building a community.” {Cass}
  • Although starting out with standard sizing, Cass found that many customers sent her their measurements anyway as they were from overseas or they have a particular issue and so many items are made to measure.
  • Photo shoots were discussed, as this can be a big outlay. Cass explained that studying at the Australian Institute of Creative Design meant that there were photographers around to work with and collaborate, perhaps initially on a voluntary basis before moving to paid work.
  • Reaching out to fellow makers and being friendly can allow you to make connections, and learn from and support each other.
  • “The biggest journey for me has been, change is the only constant, but just developing that confidence in myself and not having as much self doubt.” {Cass}
  • It is important to have a good support team around you, however you also need to develop your self confidence.
  • Cass works with a three month plan to keep her business on track, collections she is working on etc. She is also planning towards in person sewing classes, as well as lingerie kits and online patterns in the future.
  • The design process was discussed. This process is fairly organic, with some of the collections remaining from the very start of the business, while other collections that are not selling may be removed. 
  • Cass read her favourite quote: ‘Life is what you make it’ – This is Cass’s philosophy on life and is pinned on her wall.
  • Another quote that resonates with Cass is ‘True success is measured by how you make other people feel’.
  • Cass can be found on her website,, on Etsy, Instagram, and Facebook – Lazy Girl Lingerie.

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