This workshop will teach you how to price your handmade goods.

In it, I outline a 2-step process to pricing.

First, pricing with the ‘Head’ – this is the scientific part, which means crunching the numbers to see what you need to be charging in order to cover all your costs and make at least some profit.

Then, pricing with the ‘Heart’ – this is the artistic part, using research, emotion and brand positioning to arrive at a final number.

I know that pricing is one of the hardest parts of running a handmade business – and it’s also something we need to revisit on a regular basis as our businesses and our skill level grows.

You should walk away from this workshop with a solid grasp of the pricing process, and how to apply it to your unique items. 

Live Online Workshop:

Thursday the 28th of October at 10:00am Brisbane time (AEST – NOT Sydney/Melbourne time). 

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Hope to see you there!

Jess x

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