While making items for their wedding, Tim and Sarah discovered how much they loved working together.

And thus ts makers was born!

Their products are lovingly handmade in Sydney, Australia. 

They come from from carpentry and design backgrounds, and are passionate about beautiful, minimal homewares. 

Their core range of hardwood serving boards features a seventies-inspired squiggle design, as well as round and classic, rectangular shapes.

In this episode, they share the challenges and successes of their first few years in business – including what they love about working with their spouse.

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Highlights from this episode:

  • Sarah and Tim have been in business for about two years. Tim has worked as a carpenter and cabinet maker while Sarah has worked in retail, product curation and photography.
  • After working together on a variety of items for their wedding, Sarah and Tim realised that they enjoyed collaborating and making together.
  • They started the business on a small scale and it has steadily grown over time.
  • ts makers stocks not only their range but also a carefully curated selection of items from other brands. These products complement Tim and Sarah’s pieces and create a holistic experience for their customers.
  • Sarah and Tim split the workload between them. Sarah focuses upon marketing, online retail and assisting with the finishing of products while Tim focuses upon the woodworking.
  • “One thing we learnt very early on is everything always takes longer than you think it will” {Tim}
  • Tim and Sarah have found of the big benefits of working with your partner is the built-in support.
  • “It helps because we’re doing it together. It’s easier to believe in it (our work) just because we believe in each other already” {Sarah}
  • Sarah and Tim work with reclaimed Australian hardwood and have curated their products into seasons. Over winter the shop featured warmer timbers for designs like trivets that could hold pots of soup and for summer the focus is upon lighter and brighter woods.
  • “Those little nuggets of encouragement you get along the way that keep you striving are the things to hold on to” {Sarah}
  • Find Sarah & Tim’s work at ts makers.
  • My other podcast – The Business of Making.

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