Have you ever thought of using YouTube to grow your handmade business?

My guest this week has done that – and in spectacular fashion.

Patrick Adair has grown a 7-figure jewellery business and a 6-figure supplies business over a few short years by leveraging the power of YouTube.

Patrick is in his early 20s, and as a digital native, saw the power and potential of YouTube very early on – having experimented with other channels throughout his teens.

He publishes regular, detailed videos showing him creating a unique ring design – many of which go on to be sold in his shop. As of publishing this episode, he has over 660,000 subscribers on YouTube (and over 100,000 subscribers on Instagram).

If you’ve never thought about using YouTube to grow your handmade biz – or if you have, but have questions about how to best make it work for you – don’t miss this detailed episode! 

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    Quotes and highlights from this episode:


    • Patrick’s business began with a Kickstarter campaign to create carbon fibre rings. From there he was able to buy supplies and grow his business.
    • Patrick started filming the production of his rings to share on YouTube and Instagram and has cultivated a significant following.
    • He would make a post for a custom ring made of their winners’ selection of materials, with the price starting at $1 including shipping. To begin with this was costing him money. 
    • “You make a website, you put a ring on there for $300 and you’ll go a full year before someone randomly decides to place an order. You have to do whatever you can to get people ordering” {Patrick}
    • Patrick has found he has two main audiences—those who enjoy watching the process of making the rings and those who would like to buy them.
    • “By showing people how to make it you are not going to have people not buy your ring and make it instead” {Patrick}
    • To serve both audiences, Patrick sells both the rings and the supplies to make the rings.
    • YouTube can be a very powerful way to build an audience. 
    • “A lot of social media can be hard to grow organically. With YouTube there is an algorithm side to it that can help you grow like crazy” {Patrick}
    • Focus on getting the initial 1000-2000 followers for YouTube as it becomes much easier to grow from there. If you have another social media audience, cross promote to YouTube.
    • “Make good content. Bring people to it. It’s the key” {Jess}
    • Patrick Adair Designs
    • Patrick’s YouTube Channel

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