How do your customers know whether your business is for them?

Your branding, of course!

This instantly tells folks if your work is going to fit their lifestyle and aesthetics, and if it resonates with them, you’re more likely to capture and keep their interest.

But how do you develop a beautiful brand that captures your ideal customer?

Today I speak with Kelly McElroy, a graphic designer who specialises in helping small indie businesses create brands that stand out.

We discuss some of the common mistakes beginner business owners make with their brands, some key principles to keep in mind when developing your brand, and we also share some cool branding tools that can help you!

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Brand your Craft

Does your handmade business have a strong brand identity?

Or are you just treating your creations like commodities – trying to compete on price, and failing to stand out in a crowded marketplace?

Creating a strong, unique brand identity is fundamentally important if you want to make your business stand out from the others in your niche.

This self-study course will help you – in just 14 days you’ll have the knowledge to craft the perfect brand for your business!

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Highlights and quotes from this episode:

  • Kelly studied fine arts but transferred to graphic design and found her passion.
  • After working at an agency, Kelly started her own small branding and design business—Star Castle Studio.
  • Having a clear business aesthetic can make it easier and less personal to refine your branding and style.
  • “When people say no to your business or don’t want to buy your thing they’re not saying no to you as a person” {Kelly}
  • Jess discusses the iterative process of her first branding journey.
  • You don’t need to have a fully realised product line to start developing your brand.
  • “You may not know what kind of product it will be but what kind of feeling will it give people who have purchased it or the people that see it?” {Kelly}
  • When considering your business name, keep it as open ended and non-product specific as possible.
  • Avoid following branding trends—they will require frequent updates.
  • “If you are creating your visuals solely to match the intention behind your brand you’re not going to have to update it unless your intention changes” {Kelly}
  • If you’re not sure of what colours work together, or would like suggestions, Jess and Kelly both recommend Coolors.
  • A strong and authentic brand makes a big difference to both how customers interact with your products and how you perceive your own business.
  • Be clear who you want to appeal to as well as who you don’t want to appeal to. It is not possible to something for everyone and finding your niche will strengthen your brand.
  • Check out Kelly’s business at Star Castle Studio

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