As a seller, it’s your job to anticipate – and answer – any objections your customer may have to buying your product. 

Another way of putting this – don’t leave any of your customer’s questions unanswered!

This sounds obvious, but I’m always amazed at how many online sellers don’t do this properly.

Think: inadequite descriptions lacking crucial detail.

Think: product photos that don’t show all aspects and details of a product.

Think: policies that don’t clearly lay out returns policies and ‘lost mail’ policies.

In today’s episode, I discuss why this matters, how it’s costing you sales, and how to fix it.

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Highlights from this episode: 

Your job as a salesperson is to anticipate – and answer – any possible objections someone might have to purchasing your product.

  • Make sure your descriptions convey all the possible features of your product (size, shape, use, etc)
  • Don’t forget the benefits of your product, too.
  • You should have a fully filled-in policies. Answer any potential shipping questions. State production and shipping times.
  • Show all aspects of your product in photos (front/back, inside/outside, in use, top/bottom) etc.
  • Use your photos to convey vital information – even using text on images, showing your workspace/studio/you at work (to prove the handmade aspect)

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