[94] How to Use the Subscription Model to Grow Your Handmade Business


Offering a subscription club or box can sound really exciting, but also appear a little daunting with our already busy schedules. So, is it for you?

In this episode Felicity from Cratejoy gives us a rundown on the ins and outs of being part of or running your own subscription service for your creative business.

You can be part of something that is already established or start a small one of your own – but whichever path you decide to take it can be a great way to market yourself and help find and build your customer base!

P.S. I share my own experience running a subscription club – the Epheriell ‘Earring of the Month Club’, which I ran a few years ago!


Quotes and highlights from this Episode:


  • Subscription boxes are a great way to bring in some extra income into your creative business.
  • You can set it up as larger one off payments or monthly payments depending on what works best for you.
  • So, should it be exclusive?
  • It can be exciting if people know they are receiving something extra special or something no one else has.
  • Themed or seasonal boxes are a great way to help you decide on the contents.
  • When it comes to pricing you need to work out what makes you happy and go from there.
  • ‘You need to look at this as a marketing activity’ {Jess}
  • You need to make sure you get involved with boxes that fit your aesthetic.
  • Packaging is really important here as it needs to fit well with your work and it needs to be professional.
  • The ‘unboxing’ experience needs to be considered.
  • ‘People can cancel anytime so you want to keep them excited’ {Jess}
  • subscriptionschool.com is a great place to start when thinking about being involved or starting your own.
  • Always start small with something manageable.
  • Cratejoy market exists as a searchable subscription box marketplace so make sure you check it out!
  • You can find Cratejoy on their website.


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Naomi Farr

Great podcast! Love all your episodes, but this one was especially timely as I just pre-launched two subscription boxes last week! theunicorncrate.com and lipstickhive.com The pre-launch phase means people can get on a wait-list for when it officially launches (in 4-6 weeks). After months of research and brainstorming I decided to test out both of these ideas. Whichever one shows more interest and gathers more leads I will move forward to officially launch and then open for pre-orders. I’m also rebranding my other small biz – Wood Nymph (botanical perfume) shopwoodnymph.com and have thought about sending samples to sub boxes eventually. Perhaps I’ll end up including in my own! ha. Thanks for being a weekly source of inspiration!


Very interesting market research strategy! Good luck with your subscription boxes, and glad you found this ep useful 🙂

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