It’s the silly season! And that means that you’re going to be busy – real busy – both in your business and in your life.

 So how do you make sure to stay on top of everything while maintaining your sanity?

That’s what today’s podcast is aaaaaall about. I’ve got 16(!) strategies that will help you stay sane and survive the silly sales season when you’re running an online business.

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Highlights from this episode: 

  1. Accept that you’ll be busy, but that there is an end date! Yes, you’ll be working long hours, and it might get overwhelming, but it won’t last forever – and think of the money!
  2. Schedule some downtime after the busy season has passed – even if it’s just 1 day to yourself. It’s something for you to look forward to. A massage, weekend away, or just a day by yourself reading a book or at the beach (or the slopes!).
  3. Keep an exercise schedule! The busier and more stressed you are, the MORE important this is, not less. 20 min a day, heart-rate-elevating exercise. This can be as simple as a walk, and will act as a brain break, too.
  4. Do a stocktake now and make sure you have enough materials in stock and packing stock!
  5. Use the pomodoro technique.
  6. Don’t make promises to customers you can’t keep (set expectations) – it’s better to lose a customer than not deliver something on time – especially over Christmas! Remember it’s not your fault if someone didn’t get organised early enough – don’t take on the guilt.
  7. Set cut-off times, and stick to them!
  8. Turn off your phone notifications – schedule in time to deal with messages/emails
  9. Don’t over-commit (business or personal) 
  10. Get help if you need it (with packing, promotion, emails etc – or with cleaning or childcare). Think about local teenagers – hire them now school is over (in Oz).
  11. Drink enough water, not just coffee! Especially for those of you in cold climates, it can be easy to forget. And keep eating good food, too – try to avoid binging on the unhealthy stuff (save the binge for the holiday meals!)
  12. Do your own shopping now, before the super-busy season hits.
  13. Carve out designated work time.
  14. Educate your family and friends that you’re not as available as normal.
  15. Pre-make any stock you can now!
  16. Schedule any marketing (social media, emails etc) as early as possible so you’re not worrying about it during the busiest part of the season.

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