Registration for my flagship course – – is now open.

Join over 1,400 makers who’ve already used the Set Up Shop system to set up stellar handmade shops online!

What is Set Up Shop?

It’s a 30-day LIVE e-course that will teach you exactly what you need to know in order to set up – or overhaul – an online shop for your handmade goods.

I’ve had the honour of guiding over 1,400 creatives through this course over the past ten years, and I’m looking forward to helping you create or turn your online handmade shop into something that you can both be proud of, AND that sets you up to actually bring in sales and grow your business.

In this course, I’m teaching from a place of hard-won experience – I’ve done what I’m teaching you, and I have a successful online craft business that supports me and my little family, and employs both me and my husband.

I am also a qualified teacher, so I both love to teach, and I have the education and experience to guide you through this learning process with the aim of helping you to create concrete outcomes.

I have (and am still) ‘walking the walk’ of running an online handmade business.

I’m right there in the trenches with you, every single day.

And I’ll be right there beside you in the course each day, too – answering your questions and giving you guidance.

This is not something I theoretically know how to do – it’s something I’ve done, and continue to work on.

I’m still learning what works – and what doesn’t – and I pass that knowledge on to my students.

I know the system I teach in Set Up Shop works.

How do I know?

Both because my students tell me so, and because I used what I teach here to get my own business up and running.

I created this course because I’m passionate about sharing what I learn, AND about helping others to realise their dream of having a successful craft business – because I want you to enjoy the freedom, joy, and fulfilment that comes from doing just that.

Registration is open now, and will close 5pm Sunday the 4th of February AEST (that’s Australian Eastern Standard Time!).

Class begins Monday the 5th of February, and runs for 30 days.

To find out exactly how the course works, and what we’ll be covering, head on over to the course page here.

I want YOU to be able to invest in this course and experience the huge positive changes it can help you make in your life and business.

Set Up Shop Alumni Leanne Hewens says this of her experience:

“Completing Set Up Shop was one of the best things I have done for my business and myself. If you have been thinking about setting up your own business then give this course a go, you will love it. Do it!”

Register Now

I hope you will join us and get your shop up and running this February!

Jess 🙂

P.S. Here’s what a few more course alumni think of their experience taking Set Up Shop…

Set up Shop has been the most productive 30 days I’ve had in my business so far.

It has given me the opportunity to reflect on what I am doing, consolidate and reaffirm what I already do well and give me the push I needed to put into practice processes that will help me to grow my business further.

The daily lessons have been thought provoking and provided me with a clear series of action steps that I was able to work through at my own pace.

These together with the incredible support and shared knowledge provided in the private facebook group have really proven to be incredibly rewarding. I am so glad that I signed up for the course and can’t believe that I even hesitated to do so.

It is a small investment to make for such big benefits. Thank you Jessica xo

~ Tania Robinson

Jess has been my go-to maker goddess guru since before I even started my business.

As a hobby knitter, I stumbled upon the Create and Thrive podcast and it convinced me to make a business out of my little creative hobby.

When Jess opened Set Up Shop, I immediately signed up and it has helped me so much with starting my business!

I loved the way the course flowed, and Jess’s teaching style is so effective. Each lesson is thoughtfully curated and is a carefully placed stepping stone to the lessons that follow. I especially LOVED the branding and marketing aspects of the course, and have become obsessed with both since!

By the end of the course, I was confidently able to open my shop and have since built and launched my own website with Jess’s teachings in mind.

If any part of you is interested in taking this course, don’t hesitate…sign up now!

~ Chereen Leong Schwarz

Smeeny Made Wild

The Set Up Shop course is an essential exchange of email lesson instalments full of sage guidance, and helpful suggestions to build your online business.

Jess has brought together her decade plus experience to educate, and to heal the anxious heart over the online business building journey!

It is an invaluable opportunity to hear this, not only from the seasoned professional, but also hear from others traveling the same course as myself in building my business.

Thank you Jess for the helping hand, and the gift of your knowledge and time!

~ Gene Keller

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