How often do you find yourself doing a repetitive task in your business, and thinking… ‘what’s the next step again?’

Do you find you leave out/forget important steps in the process?

Do you get the same questions from customers over and over again, and have to write out the same answer multiple times?

Do you make mistakes (hello, sending the wrong order to the wrong person *cringe*) and have to deal with the unpleasant consequences (P.S. I have TOTALLY done this – do not recommend).

A LOT of the work we do in business is repetitive. And we can speed things up, reduce errors, cut down the mental load, AND make it easier to teach others how to help us if we properly document our business systems.

In this premium episode I’m going to:

  • give examples of some of the (many!) systems in your biz that you can document (some of which you’ve probably never considered);
  • outline the numerous reasons why you should take a little time to document these systems as you go; and,
  • give you a whoooole bunch of ways you can document these systems.

This is a premium episode, available only to members of the Thriver Circle. If you want the whole episode, you’re in luck – membership is opening on August 19 for just a few days! So you’ll be able to get access to the FULL episode, as well as ALL past premium episodes when you become a member.

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