Do you have an intentional brand for your handmade business that draws in your ideal customer – and actually repels those who aren’t?

People make a split-second decision about your business the moment they see your branding – whether that’s your website, instagram feed, business card, market stall… any touchpoint they have with your business.

Are you sending the right message?

Are you engaging and enticing your ideal customers with your branding? Or are you making one of many branding blunders that will turn them away?

In this episode, I talk to my friend and branding expert Julie Gibbons about all things branding. We discuss:

  • why branding is more about emotion than logic
  • how you might be fading into the noise through haphazard branding
  • the most important first step you need to take in order to craft a compelling brand
  • and much more!


Brand Your Craft – the self-study e-course that Julie wrote for Create & Thrive – has had a full update!

BYC 2.0 is now available – with completely updated guidance, new recommended software, and updated tutorials.

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