Sigriet has been running a thriving terrarium business for many years – but this year, like many of us, she had to make some changes.

A big part of her business these days is terrarium workshops – for both small and corporate groups – and COVID forced her, like many other service providers, to start offering online classes.

They’ve gone really well, and in this episode, we talk about that, as well as how she went from being fascinated with houseplants and terrariums, to selling them, and then on to becoming a teacher.

We also talk about the other challenges she’s faced; how instagram and pinterest work really well for her as marketing channels; and how she keeps her business moving forward.

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Highlights from this episode:


  • Sig has turned her lifelong fascination with plants into a business selling terrariums, running terrarium workshops and designing custom botanical pieces.
  • Working with plants and building terrariums has continued to bring Sig peace throughout the challenges of 2020.
  • “To me, creating terrariums is making art. It’s a zen activity, it’s a mindful activity” {Sigriet} 7:20
  • Since the start of the pandemic, Sig has pivoted her in person terrarium workshops to online.
  • Sig began her business by creating terrariums as gifts for friends and families. She then opened an Etsy shop, started selling at local markets and moved into terrarium workshops.
  • “I never considered myself a teacher, I was always a maker. But teaching, like most other skills, is something that you pick up with experience. You just do it. You learn from your mistakes and get better” {Sigriet} 14:49 
  • While Sig’s business is her passion, there are times where things can get tough and overwhelming. When this happens, she looks forward and perseveres through to find her groove again.
  • When something challenging and unexpected pops up in your creative business and gets you out of your groove, consider if the challenge will matter in five days/weeks/years’ time. If not, let it slide and keep moving forward.
  • Sig has invested a chunk of her marketing energy in Pinterest and Instagram which has provided her with solid sales and organic marketing opportunities including features.
  • When considering what marketing and social media to pursue consider where your target audience is found.
  • Action proceeds motivation.
  • “Don’t expect creativity to come from motivation. Sit down and make the time to be creative and it will happen” {Jess} 42:55 
  • Sig and Jess both believe in setting three goals each year to give you a sense of direction to progress your business. Set deadlines, check in on your goals and revise/remove/add to these as the year continues.
  • Find Sig’s work at Prismatic Gardens.

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