Coming up with the perfect name for your handmade business can be tricky.

There is a lot to consider – and it’s easy to make a blunder that you’ll regret down the line.

I’ve named at least 5 businesses, and I’ve learnt a bit more about the process every time.

Today, I wanted to share the 9 steps I recommend you go through when considering a name for your handmade business.

Whether you’re just starting out, starting a second business, or wanting to rebrand, I hope this helps you land on that ‘perfect’ name!

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Brainstorm possibilities, then use the following list to narrow them down:

  1. Don’t pick something too specific (or too boring).
  2. Don’t use weird spellings/initials if possible.
  3. Can you get the .com?
  4. Can you get all the social media handles?
  5. Is it a name someone is already using? (Etsy, business register – especially in your country, google) – you don’t want direct competition for search ranking.
  6. Don’t make it too hard to spell
  7. Say it out loud – how does it sound?
  8. Get feedback – what do 3-5 other people think?
  9. Does it feel right to you?

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