You may have heard people say things like…


“Etsy is oversaturated, I’ll never get seen.”

“Etsy is full of resellers now, I can’t compete.”

“Etsy doesn’t care about its sellers.”

“Etsy is horrible for reasons a, b, c, d…”

And so on.

Basically – there’s a lot of chatter about whether Etsy is still worth trying in 2023.

If you’ve thought about starting a handmade business, you’ve probably asked yourself ‘should I sell on Etsy’ (or, perhaps – should I KEEP selling on Etsy)?

Today, I’m going to answer that question – or, more accurately, I’m going to help YOU answer this question for yourself.

If you’re ready to sell your handmade goods online, but you need help getting started, I hope you join me on April 24th for Set Up Shop.

It’s my 30-day intensive course that will teach you a fool-proof system to set up an online shop for your handmade goods, and get it right – first time.

Over 1,400 makers have used the Set Up Shop system to open their online handmade shops – on Etsy and other platforms!

You can find out more and register for the course right here.

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