Do you want to teach your craft? Do you dream of running in-person, live workshops to pass on your knowledge? Or – maybe you already teach handmade workshops, but want to make them even better?

My guest in this episode – Dr. Rie Natalenko – is a teacher, writer and textile artist. She’s an expert in the art and science of teaching creative workshops to adults.

She has penned a book titled Share Your Skills – An Ultimate Guide to Running an Art or Craft Workshop.

If you need the confidence to start teaching creative workshops or you would like to enhance your existing skills, then this episode is for you!

This is one from the archives – I first published it a few years ago – but given that I plan on publishing an episode in the near future about how to teach craft workshops online, I thought this would be a great primer for that – because the ‘teaching’ part is the same.

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  • Rie Natalenko is a Doctor of Creative Arts with Masters in Education and Teacher Training.
  • She has written the book ‘Share Your Skills – The Ultimate Guide to Running an Art or Craft Workshop‘.
  • Top 5 tips for running a creative workshop.
  • Preparing for a workshop using the 90/10 method.
  • ‘An expert does not make a teacher’. {Jess}
  • Limiting the content by teaching the must knows.
  • ‘Train like a train’. {Rie}
  • Keeping on track.
  • Recognise that adults learn differently to children.
  • The importance of showing your passion.
  • Planning your day to keep energy levels high.
  • A great workshop can create positive word of mouth and future students.
  • You can find Rie at her website or Facebook.

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