How do you go from being a police officer and federal agent to running a jewelry business?

In today’s episode, I speak with Sarah Miller of Seaside Harmony Jewelry, who has done just that. She spent 10 years in law enforcement, before choosing to let go of that career – and then, a new passion emerged.

She also credits her craft as being integral to overcoming postnatal depression after the birth of her second child, and we discuss how finding a creative passion can help us navigate difficult times.

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Highlights from this episode:


  • Sarah started in the world of jewellery making after leaving a career in law enforcement. She credits it as integral in her recovery from postpartum depression after the birth of her second child.
  • Sarah’s business has evolved over time. She has trialled a wide variety of products and ideas and while they are quite diverse she has ensured they are tied together with a theme.
  •  “It (a theme) throws out so much stuff you can’t do, but you have so much freedom within what you can do” {Jess} 9:20
  • Sarah participated in many markets and fairs in the early years of her business. These required a lot of time away from her family and became more physically and mentally exhausting as time passed.
  • “If you’re feeling like you are not around as much as you want to be and you have the financial ability to make some adjustments… really notice that and take heed. Because those days are not going to come back— it flies by and these are really precious times.” {Sarah} 24:55
  • Sarah is committed to maintaining her health and wellbeing and ensures her regular workdays incorporates elements of this. 
  • As your business grows you may find the amount of time you spend on artistic and creative endeavours lessens. 
  • Sarah nurtures her creativity by making connections with other artists in her field.  A connection with another enamellist introduced Sarah with a new-to-her technique that inspired her signature jewellery piece.
  • “You don’t have to have the same product line across all venues. You can have your online stuff—your simpler bread and butter work. Your more artistic and complicated pieces, you can sell them in a gallery” {Jess} 56:23
  • Find Sarah’s work at Seaside Harmony Jewelry.

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