It’s time to STOP searching for ‘the secret to success’ in business!

So much marketing in the biz space tells you ‘this is the secret to success in….’

It’s rubbish. There is no such thing as a secret – only something you haven’t learnt yet.

I hate this language, because it couches knowledge as something only the select/elect few know, and that you must learn from them. It’s sleazy marketing language to sell you something.

And sure, I want to sell you something too (the Thriver Circle, my courses) but I try to be clear that I’m not offering a magic bullet or a secret formula – I’m simply aiming to teach you systems that will speed up your acquisition of knowledge and strategy.

I refuse to use this language of ‘secrecy’.

The truth is, if you keep at this biz game long enough, you’ll figure all this stuff out on your own eventually. You might even be the one who discovers an innovative solution to a problem!

So STOP searching for ‘the secret’ to anything – whether it be ‘more sales’ or ‘more traffic’ or ‘how to make a million dollars’.

Do this instead…

You can listen to the episode via the podcast, or watch it via YouTube below!

Your Year to Thrive

Do you dream of running your own successful, thriving, & profitable handmade business?

Maybe all you have is a dream. Maybe you have a hobby you love and an inkling that you could make money out of this thing.

Or maybe you already have a business up and running, but know you don’t have everything figured out just yet.

You’re passionate. You’re dedicated. You know you want to make this happen. But you just aren’t sure if you’re doing all the right things, in the right order.

Imagine if someone could guide you through every single step that you need to take in order to turn that dream into a concrete reality?

What would that mean to you? What difference would it make to your life?

I’m offering you exactly that.

Your Year to Thrive is the program you’ve been searching for.

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Highlights from this episode: 

  • Systems are the key!
  • Sure, it’s not sexy. In fact, it can be pretty damn boring.
  • BUT that is how you actually achieve success!
  • It’s not a big, flashy, sudden thing. 
  • It’s the culmination of years of dedicated, consistent application of the fundamentals of business.
  • If you flip your mindset from ‘I just need to find the secret that will turn my business into an overnight success’ to ‘I just need to learn and implement the appropriate systems that will see my business steadily grow and flourish’ you’ll stop getting distracted by the newest shiny thing to come along, and instead, you’ll see REAL progress.
  • If you constantly jump around, trying new things, rather than consistently sticking to something that will work given the time to grow, you will find yourself frustrated and wondering ‘why isn’t anything working?!’
  • It’s not working because you’re not giving it the TIME to work!
  • It’s like planting a seed, watering it for a week, then completely neglecting it in favour of watering another seed… then another, and another. Of course none of them are going to grow, because you’re not giving them consistent attention and care!
  • But if you decide on a watering schedule, and stick it it… your seeds will flourish.
  • I’ve been running my handmade biz since 2008. Over this time I’ve developed a heap of systems to save time and help my business run smoothly.
  • There are ENDLESS systems you could develop for your business.
  • The key is finding the right ones that will work for you, your niche, your sales venue (online, markets, etc), your business goals.

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