Listen while you make… and learn how to turn your handmade hobby into a thriving business!

The Create & Thrive Podcast
The Create & Thrive Podcast
Jess Van Den

Learn how to turn your creative hobby into a thriving business with Jess Van Den

“You have the best podcast out there for handmade businesses. Can’t say enough good things.”

~ Jen Olsen, Gin Gin Handmade

"I love your podcasts. They are incredibly inspiring and motivating."

~ Christa O’Brien

Jess, I have to tell you how much I have loved your podcast for the last couple of years! Thank you for all that you do and share for the maker community!

~ Brandy Guidry Aube

"Absolutely love Jess’s podcast, it is truly like having a great friend giving you business advice. Love it, keep it coming Jess!!!!!"

~ deRosesty Ld

"This series is fabulous!!! I wish there were more."

~ William – LeeLab

“Hi Jess – thank you so much for these wonderful podcasts – I’ve listened to them all; twice!"

~ Rebecca Storch

“Thanks again for another great podcast, I love tuning in each week.”

~ Emmaline from CocoPress

“Jess is down-to-Earth, very knowledgeable and experienced. She has a wealth of information to share and gives excellent information and advice in this podcast. Well worth a listen if you are a creative small business”

~ RatRunning on iTunes

“Wow this was great to listen to! Thank you so much, I feel very inspired!”

~ Naomi Rose Johnson

"Jess makes a really great podcast. It has a more relaxed feel, like she’s just talking to you over a cup of coffee about the topic. She’s highly informative, doesn’t waste any time, and has a wonderful speaking voice that is really pleasant to listen to."

~ InlineTom

Newest episodes

Etsy Resellers vs. Production Partners – which is it? [297]

This is a podcast prompted by a recent email from a Thriver, who wondered whether someone they knew was breaking the rules by reselling on Etsy. Turns out - the person probably wasn't, and I explain why today. Get your FREE Etsy Resources 🌟Etsy Keyword Planner 🌟Etsy Quick-Start Guide 🌟Etsy SEO Cheat Sheet You can listen to this podcast below, or on your fave podcast app - or you can watch it on YouTube!Watch on YouTube...Support the show You can make a secure donation...

5 Tips to BOOST your Christmas Sales! [296]

There are some simple tweaks you can make to your online handmade shop to get more sales this Christmas season! In today's video & podcast I outline 5 such changes you can make - let me know in the comments if you try any of them out! Get your FREE Etsy Resources 🌟Etsy Keyword Planner 🌟Etsy Quick-Start Guide 🌟Etsy SEO Cheat Sheet You can listen to this podcast below, or on your fave podcast app - or you can watch it on YouTube!Watch on YouTube...Support the show You...

Rank Higher In Etsy Search by Asking this One Question… [295]

There is a lot to understand about the Etsy search algorithm... ....BUT you can simplify things a lot by asking the one simple question I outline in today's podcast/video. Start with the basics, and you'll be leagues ahead of many other people straight away! Get your FREE Etsy Resources 🌟Etsy Keyword Planner 🌟Etsy Quick-Start Guide 🌟Etsy SEO Cheat Sheet You can listen to this podcast below, or on your fave podcast app - or you can watch it on YouTube!Watch on...

10 Tips for Etsy Success from a Full-Time Seller! [294]

I've been selling on Etsy since 2008, and self-employed full-time since 2010. I've been teaching other makers how to succeed with an online handmade biz since 2012, and today, I'm sharing 10 top tips for crafting a stellar Etsy shop! Want to finally SET UP SHOP online? My 30-day course that will teach you a system to successfully set up your online handmade store - on Etsy or elsewhere! Find out more here. Get your FREE Etsy Resources 🌟Etsy Keyword Planner 🌟Etsy Quick-Start...

5 Ways You’re Sabotaging Your Own Success – In Handmade Business [293]

If you find yourself trying over and over to start a handmade business, but never quite getting it off the ground, you might be making one of 5 HUGE mistakes! Want to finally SET UP SHOP online? My 30-day course that will teach you a system to successfully set up your online handmade store - on Etsy or elsewhere! Find out more here. Get your FREE Etsy Resources 🌟Etsy Keyword Planner 🌟Etsy Quick-Start Guide 🌟Etsy SEO Cheat Sheet You can listen to this podcast below, or...



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Episode Archive


Episode 1 – How Anna Anagno Grew her Jewellery Biz into her Full-Time Occupation

Episode 2 – This is What’s Holding You Back 

Episode 3 – How to Provide Outstanding Online Customer Service

Episode 4 – The 5 P’s of Successful Business

Episode 5 – Tips for Wholesaling your Handmade Goods with Melanie Augustin

Episode 6 – Q&A #1

Episode 7 – Customer Service Do’s and Don’ts at markets and shows

Episode 8 – How to Deal with Copycats

Episode 9 – Camila Prada on How to Run a Successful Crafty Kickstarter – The Create & Thrive Podcast

Episode 10 – 8 Steps to Turn Your Passion into a Successful Business

Episode 11 – How to Find Your Authentic Voice

Episode 12 – 10 Things You Must do to Have a Successful Online Craft Business

Episode 13 – How to Take Stand-out Product Photos with Jeffrey Opp

Episode 14 – 5 Ways you’re Sabotaging your Success

Episode 15 – How to Advertise your Business on a Shoestring Budget

Episode 16 – How to Change your Life by Changing your Morning Routine

Episode 17 – Should you Sell Your Craft Online?

Episode 18 – Five Mistakes You’re Making with Your Etsy Shop, and How to Fix Them

Episode 19 – The Right Time to Start is Right Now

Episode 20 – Handmade Biz Holiday Prep Checklist

Episode 21- Why Pay for an E-Course when you can Google the Information for Free?

Episode 22 – Social Media: How to Spend Less Time and Get More Results

Episode 23 – What is Profit, and Why is it Important?

Episode 24 – Blogging, Content, and Design Essentials with Arianne Foulks of Aeolidia

Episode 25 – Essential Tips for Running a Handmade Business

Episode 26 –  How a Natural Disaster Inspired Sonia McManus to Follow Her Creative Dream

Episode 27 – C&T Q&A 2

Episode 28 – Sonia Lyne Wants Us All in Stitches

Episode 29 – Why You Should Keep Your Day Job… For Now

Episode 30 – Time Management Hacks You Should Try Today

Episode 31 – Kirsten Devitt on Creativity and Confidence

Episode 32 – Should You Diversify or Consolidate Your Sales Venues

Episode 33 – 5 Techniques to Reduce Stress and Relax

Episode 34 – Rie Natalenko on How to Run Outstanding Craft Workshops

Episode 35 – How To Take a Break from Your Handmade Business

Episode 36 – C&T Q&A 3

Episode 37 – Farewell 2015, Hello 2016

Episode 38 – What Will You Change in 2016?

Episode 39 – Daisy Forster on Facebook and Thinking Inside the Box

Episode 40 – 5 Things You Need Before You’re Ready To Sell Craft Online

Episode 41 – Megan Eckman on the Sweet Spot Between What You Want to Make, and What Your Customers Buy

Episode 42 – A Guide to International Orders for your Handmade Business

Episode 43 – 5 Steps to Stellar Product Photos

Episode 44 – The Ins and Outs of Selling Handmade Goods Wholesale… from a Retailers Perspective

Episode 45 – Reactive vs Proactive Work

Episode 46 – The Power of Being True to You in Business – with Jill from For Strange Women

Episode 47 – How a Photo Can Make You Famous with Cath of My Bearded Pigeon

Episode 48 – Why a Mailing List is Non-negotiable

Episode 49 – 5 Steps to Prepare for Licensing your 2D Artwork – with Laura C George

Episode 50 – 5 Steps to a Better Brand with Julie Gibbons

Episode 51 – The Offbeat World of Able and Game

Episode 52 – How to Thrive in the Face of Illness and Injury with Heidi Fahrenbacher

Episode 53 – Why You Need to Find Your Micro-Niche

Episode 54 – Ways to Increase Your Profits

Episode 55 – 8 Places You Can Get Help with Your Handmade Business

Episode 56 – Are You In the Arena?

Episode 57 – How and Why to Take a Digital Sabbatical

Episode 58 – Why Perfection is a Dangerous Illusion

Episode 59 – 10 Tips for Established Handmade Sellers {Part 1}

Episode 60 – 10 Tips for Established Handmade Sellers {Part 2}

Episode 61 – Why isn’t My Marketing Working?

Episode 62 – Making the Transition from Hobbyist to Business Owner

Episode 63 – What’s Your Definition of Success?

Episode 64 – Making the Functional Beautiful with Clare Collyer of Zillpa

Episode 65 – How to Start or Get Featured on a Podcast with Katie Wyatt

Episode 66 – Expectations Vs Reality

Episode 67 – Ignite Your Creative Spark with Katy McCullough

Episode 68 – The Future of Online Selling with Jonathan Peacock of Zibbet

Episode 69 – How to Run an Effective Giveaway

Episode 70 – How to Organise a Professional Photo Shoot with Christina Lowry

Episode 71 – Why You Should Treat Social Media Like a Cocktail Party

Episode 72 – Stop Focusing on Number of Sales and Start Focusing on the Numbers That Really Matter

Episode 73 – Handmade Holiday Biz Checklist 2016

Episode 74 – 5 Key Steps to Setting Up Shop Online

Episode 75 – How to Spring Clean Your Website

Episode 76 – How to Create Professional Packaging with Kara Irvine

Episode 77 – How to Run an Effective Business Partnership with Nicole and Delilah from Dear Handmade Life

Episode 78 – Behind the Scenes of Epheriell: Order Processing

Episode 79 – How to Make the Most of the Slow Times

Episode 80 – What do YOU Want on the C&T Podcast in 2017?

Episode 81 – How to Overcome Creative Block with Christina Lowry

Episode 82 – How to Deal with Unhappy Customers

Episode 83 – How to Grow Your Instagram Account with Steph Wallace

Episode 84 – How to Help Your Customers Feel Good About Your Business

Episode 85 – Thank you, see you in 2017!

Episode 86 – Planning for the Year Ahead

Episode 87 – Enticing People to Your Mailing List

Episode 88 – Avoid Burnout with Laura Brassie

Episode 89 – Mastering SEO with Feuza Reis

Episode 90 – Collective Store Pros & Cons with Christina Douglas

Episode 91 – 7 Tips for Work at Home Creatives

Episode 92 – REDUX: 5 Time Management Hacks You Should Try Today

Episode 93 – How to Successfully Combine Art and Design with Annie Everingham

Episode 94 – How to Use the Subscription Model to Grow Your Handmade Business

Episode 95 – The Pros & Cons of Amazon Handmade & Shopify with Linda Blume from Rustica Jewelry

Episode 96 – Passive and Alternative Income Streams

Episode 97 – How To Expand Your Business with Poppy Treffry

Episode 98 – The Power of Putting Yourself Out There with Stacie Bloomfield of Gingiber

Episode 99 – Making Friends with the Tyranny of Never Being Finished

Episode 100 – 10 Truths About Running a Handmade Business

Episode 101 – In The Fire of Transformation with Claire Anderson

Episode 102 – How to Choose the Right Ideas to Action with Kez Tutton

Episode 103 – Finding the Space to Just Be

Episode 104 – Developing Your Signature Style with Caitlin from Ink & Spindle

Episode 105 – Should You Start a Second Shop?

Episode 106 – Staying Open to Possibilities with Lisa Congdon

Episode 107 – Top Takeaways From Artful Business Conference and More

Episode 108 – Stop Trying to Do Everything at Once

Episode 109 – The Digital Tools I Use to Run my Business – 2017

Episode 110 – Business Intensive with Judy Carlson

Episode 111 – Handmade Business is Hard Work

Episode 112 – How to Rock Facebook Live with Jackie Muscat

Episode 113 – Seeking Freedom with Beth Kempton

Episode 114 – The Starving Artist Myth with Kerstin Pressler

Episode 115 – Business Intensive with Steph Wallace

Episode 116 – Do you still think that a job is the best way of making a living?

Episode 117 – Round Table Q&A with Thrivers in Winchester, England

Episode 118 – The Only Race is With Yourself

Episode 119 – 10 Steps to Wholesale Readiness

Episode 120 – Can you make a successful living selling OOAK items online?

Episode 121 –  How to Embrace Change

Episode 122 – How to be a Misfit Entrepreneur with Kate Toon

Episode 123 – The 4 Things Holding you Back from Succeeding [REDUX]

Episode 124 – The Legalities of Handmade Business with Christina Scalera [Part One]

Episode 125 – Can I have a successful handmade business without Etsy?

Episode 126 – The Legalities of Handmade Business with Christina Scalera [Part Two]

Episode 127 – Self-Leadership with Karen Gunton

Episode 128 – The Fears We All Face

Episode 129 – Stop, and Focus on What You’re Grateful For

Episode 130 – When a Hobby Should Stay a Hobby with Amanda Adams

Episode 131 – #LookBackMoveForward – a Yearly Review Process

Episode 132 – How to Have an Effective Monthly Planning Day (Premium Episode)

Handmade Biz Tip #1 – It’s a Marathon, Not a Sprint

Episode 133 – Outsourcing Production with Britta Boeckmann

Handmade Biz Tip #2 – Unfollow Your Competition

Handmade Biz Tip #3 – Find Your Micro-Niche

Episode 134 – Sharing Our Success Stories

Handmade Biz Tip #4 – Claim Your Name

Episode 135 – Top Tips for Launching a New Product

Handmade Biz Tip #5 – The Customer Isn’t Always Right

Episode 136 – Why you Need to Stop Feeling Bad about Charging Money for your Craft

Handmade Biz Tip #6 – 5 Qualities of Successful Business Owners

Episode 137 –  Set Up an Effective Sales Funnel with Chanelle White

Handmade Biz Tip #7 – Use the Right Keywords in your Product Titles

Episode 138 – Satsuma Street: a Success Story

Handmade Biz Tip #8 – Set Up an Order Processing System

Episode 139 – How Max & Me Became a Smashing Success with Stacey Howard

Handmade Biz Tip #9 – Sell on Etsy

Episode 140 – Goal Setting Do’s and Don’ts for your Business (Member-Exclusive Episode)

Handmade Biz Tip #10 – None of Us are Ever Finished

Episode 141 – Grow your Side Hustle with Chris Guillebeau

Handmade Biz Tip #11 – Build your Courage Muscle

Episode 142 – Success Story: Bare Hands Bracelets

Handmade Biz Tip #12 – Brand your Craft

Episode 143 – Growing a Jewellery Design Business with Priyanka Kedia of AYVA

Handmade Biz Tip #13 – Use Trello (or Something Like it) to Capture and Organise your Ideas

Episode 144 – The Power of Pinterest [Member-Exclusive]

Handmade Biz Tip #14 – Underpromise and Overdeliver

Episode 145 – Erin Dollar of Cotton & Flax

Handmade Biz Tip #15 – Use Etsy Shop Updates to Get Seen

Episode 146 – Set up Good Systems with Marina Darlow

Handmade Biz Tip #16

Episode 147 – The Circle of Control {Member Exclusive}

Handmade Biz Tip #17 – Use Linktree on Instagram

Episode 148 –  How and Why to Take a Digital Sabbatical {REDUX}

Handmade Biz Tip  #18 – Everything is Figureoutable!

#MakingItPodcourse: Mindset | Lesson 1: Facing Fear

#MakingItPodcourse: Mindset | Lesson 2: Expectations vs. Reality

#MakingItPodcourse: Mindset | Lesson 3: The Pitfalls of Perfectionism

#MakingItPodcourse: Mindset | Lesson 4: Confidence & Courage

#MakingItPodcourse: Mindset | Lesson 5: Overcoming Overwhelm

#MakingItPodcourse: Mindset | Lesson 6: The Pull of Procrastination

#MakingItPodcourse: Mindset | Lesson 7: How to Make It

#MakingItPodcourse: Mindset | Lesson 8: What’s Your Money Story?

#MakingItPodcourse: Money | Lesson 9: Charge What You’re Worth

#MakingItPodcourse: Money | Lesson 10: You May Not Make Money Right Away… & That’s Okay

#MakingItPodcourse: Money | Lesson 11: Get a Handle on Your Bookkeeping

#MakingItPodcourse: Money | Lesson 12: Make More Profit

#MakingItPodcourse: Money | Lesson 13: Alternative & Passive Income Streams

#MakingItPodcourse: Money | Lesson 14: How to Make It: Money

#MakingItPodcourse: Marketing | Lesson 15: What is Marketing?#MakingItPodcourse: Marketing | Lesson 16: Tell Your Story

#MakingItPodcourse: Marketing | Lesson 17: Improve your Visual Marketing

#CTMonthInTheLife – A Photo-a-Day Instagram Challenge for Makers – Starts August 1, 2018!

#MakingItPodcourse: Marketing | Lesson 18: Improve your SEO

#MakingItPodcourse: Marketing | Lesson 19: Use Your Mailing List

#MakingItPodcourse: Marketing | Lesson 20: How to Use Social Media

#MakingItPodcourse: Marketing | Lesson 21: How to Make It: Marketing

#MakingItPodcourse: Business Management | Lesson 22: Manage Your Expectations

#MakingItPodcourse: Business Management | Lesson 23: Manage Your Focus

#MakingItPodcourse: Business Management | Lesson 24: Manage Your Energy

#MakingItPodcourse: Business Management | Lesson 25: Manage Your Time

#MakingItPodcourse: Business Management | Lesson 26: Manage Your Workflow & Business Systems

#MakingItPodcourse: Business Management | Lesson 27: Manage Your Schedule

#MakingItPodcourse: Business Management | Lesson 28: Making It: Business Management

#MakingItPodcourse: Wrap-Up, Reflection, & a Special Offer!

Episode 155 –  Magnetic Marketing with Shannon Bush

Episode 156 – You Don’t Have to Market the Way Everybody Else Does! {Members-Only}

Episode 157 – Leverage your Etsy Shop with Danielle Spurge

Episode 158 – 10 Steps to Put Boundaries Around your Work

Episode 159 – Top Tips for Selling your Handmade Goods Wholesale with Melanie AugustinEpisode

Episode 160  – Focus on the Small Steps [Members-Only Episode]

Episode 161 – The number 1 reason handmade businesses fail (and 3 strategies to overcome it)

Episode 162 – 7 Reasons to Sell your Craft Online

Episode 163 – PR: How to Pitch with Brigitte Lyons

Episode 164 – Should you Offer Free Shipping: the Pros and Cons {Members Only}

Episode 165 – 10 Things I’ve Learnt in 10 Years in Business

Episode 166 – Pricing & Branding with Megan Auman

Episode 167 –  Art & Travel with Alice Tams

Episode 168 – Check out my NEW podcast – The Business of Making!

Episode 169 – Key Takeaways from the Etsy Search Update [Members Only]

Summer Series 2018 – Grow your Side Hustle with Chris Guillebeau

Summer Series 2018 – Set up Good Systems with Marina Darlow

Summer Series 2018 – How Max & Me Became a Smashing Success with Stacey Howard

Summer Series 2018 – Being Boss with Emily Thompson

Summer Series 2018 – Magnetic Marketing with Shannon Bush

Episode 170 – How to take product photos with your smartphone (iPhone or Android) with Chaitra Radhakrishna

Episode 171 – 8 Reasons why your Traffic isn’t Converting to Sales

Episode 172 – How PR can Help you Grow a Niche Handmade Business with Aidan Mackinnon

Episode 173 – What Do I Send to my Email List? {Premium Episode}

Episode 174 – Growing a Business via Customer-Led Product Development with Jacinta Taylor

Episode 175 – The Journey to Create a Brand that Stands Out with Catherine Hildner

Episode 176 – Overplanning vs. Underplanning: How to Balance the Pros & Cons

Episode 177 – It’s Okay to Stay Small {Premium Episode}

Episode 178 – Social Activism & Your Craft Business with Cath Young

Episode 179 – Selling One-of-a-Kind Online with Kriket Broadhurst

Episode 180 – Don’t be Afraid to Put your Etsy shop in Holiday Mode.

Episode 181 – 5 Non-Negotiable Keys to Selling Your Craft Online

Episode 182 – The Stats to Track for your Handmade Business {Inc. Downloadable Spreadsheet}

Episode 183 – Handmade Shop Policies: What you MUST Include (with Etsy-Specific Guidance)

Episode 184 – How to Teach In-Person Workshops on your Craft

Episode 185 – 4th Anniversary Q&A – I answer your handmade business questions.

Episode 186 – 9 Strategies to Overcome Analysis Paralysis [Premium]

Episode 187 – Do the Work

Episode 188 – Belle and Union – the Realities of Running a Brick & Mortar Biz

Episode 189 – The Power of a Unique Brand – with Jill from For Strange Women

Episode 190 – Steps to Pinterest Success {Premium}

Episode 191 – Branding Blunders to Avoid with Julie Gibbons

Episode 192 – Roadmap to Success with Catie Miller

Episode 193 – How Craft Saved SuzAnne Taylor’s Life

Episode 194 – 6 Tactics to Organise your To-Do List [Premium]

Episode 195 – The Challenges of Going from Job to Business with Katherine DaSilva

Episode 196 – Why you should (maybe) keep you day job. 

Episode 197 – How to Plan your Next Project… Properly! With Kate Hutcheson.

Episode 198 – Setting Boundaries in your Handmade Biz {Premium}

Episode 199 – 5 Ways to Find Shops to Stock your Handmade Products

Episode 200 – An Interview with Jess’ Husband Nick – His Side of the Creative Journey

Episode 201 – Heidi Luerra and the Work of Art

Episode 202 – How & Why to Document your Business SystemsEpisode

Episode 203 –  Emails that Get Attention with Katie Salmon

Episode 204 – Grow your Handmade Biz via YouTube with Patrick Adair

Making It Podcourse – Week 1 – MINDSET

Making It Podcourse – Week 2 – MONEY

Making It Podcourse – Week 3 – MARKETING

MakingItPodcourse – Week 4 – BUSINESS MANAGEMENT

Episode 205 – How to choose the right platform for your handmade website & shop

Episode 206 – When you want to quit 

Episode 207 – So you want to run an Instagram challenge…

Episode 208 – How to deal with unhappy customers (Redux)

Episode 209 – 16 Strategies to Survive the Silly Sales Season

Episode 210 – 6 years, 12 employees, and $1 mil revenue… the inspirational story of Popov Leather.

Episode 211 – Selling via subscription & my Earring-of-the-Month Club story

Episode 212 – Etsy SEO Live Workshop Replay (with info direct from Etsy themselves)

Episode 213 – 10 Things I Wish I’d Known when I Started my Handmade Busines

Episode 215 – Stop looking for the ‘secret of success’ in business – do this instead.

Episode 216 – How to make your online jewellery biz thrive with Raphaela of Fifth Heaven Designs

Episode 217 – Finding the Confidence to Start Your Handmade Biz

Episode 218 – De-Risking the Move to Self-Employment with Matt Baker

Episode 219 –  Are You your own Worst Enemy?

Episode 220 – Weaving a Business with Jen Duffin of Nova Mercury

Episode 221 – What’s the point of your biz – and why should people care?

Episode 222 – How Branding Shapes the Story of your Business with Katie Saunders

Episode 223 – COVID-19 & Your Handmade Business (Coronavirus)

Episode 224 – 24 Years & Counting with Christine Tenenholtz

Episode 225 – 9 Steps to Name your Handmade Business

Episode 226 – Modern Stained Glass Artist Lauren Earl of Szklo Glass

Episode 227 – Don’t leave your customers with obvious questions!

Episode 228 – 5 Key Steps to Selling Handmade Online

Episode 229 – Product Photography Top Tips with Amy Eaton

Episode 230 – 7 Types of Handmade Product Photos you Should Be Taking

Episode 231 – The Wonderful Paper & Wood World of Zack Mclaughlin

Episode 232 – 5 Things to Avoid when Taking Handmade Product Photos

Episode 233 – Beci Orpin’s Multi-faceted Art Career

Episode 234 – What is an ideal customer, and why does knowing who they are matter?

Episode 235 – Self-Awareness, Creativity, & Self-Worth with Erica Ando

Episode 236 – 5 Reasons you Should Use Pinterest to Promote your Handmade Business

Episode 237 – How to use video & Pinterest to grow your Biz with Naa Ardua Flohic

Join me for the #PinterestChallenge in September!

Episode 238 – I quit social media for a month (here’s how, and what happened…) 

Episode 239 – Tracy Matthews’s Jewellery Journey

Episode 240 – 7 Ways you’re Sabotaging the Success of your Etsy Shop

Episode 241 – How to Undertake a Successful Re-brand with Aliya Hutchison of Soap Cult

Episode 242 – Should you start an Etsy shop?

Episode 243 – Standing out on Instagram with Chereen Leong Schwarz

Episode 244 -10 #WFH tips I’ve learnt from 10 years of self-employment

Episode 245 – How Sigriet Ferrer has Pivoted her Terrarium Business During COVID

Episode 246 – Should you Participate in Black Friday + Other Sales Events (Boxing Day, Cyber Monday, etc.)?

Episode 247 -From Law Enforcement to Jewellery Making – Sarah Miller of Seaside Harmony Jewelry

Episode 248 – Finding Mindfulness via Puzzles with Kristy O’Kane of Okay Lady

Episode 249 – How quickly should you reply to customer messages?

Episode 250 -This couple wanted to work together – so they created their own homewares business

Episode 251 – How to beat overwhelm in the new year – Stop, Start, Continue…

Episode 252 – 20 Instagram Post Ideas (for Handmade and Product-Based Businesses

Join me for the Instagram Challenge in Feb 2021!

Episode 253 – Candles, COVID, and Working with Family – with Annie White-Brown

Episode 254 – 10 Etsy shop tweaks for more sales (that you might not have thought of).

Episode 255 -Pivoting from Markets to Selling OOAK Online with Upswitch

Episode 256 – 5 Books That Will Make you More Productive

Episode 257 – Should you bother posting daily to Instagram?

Episode 258 – How to manage your money when you’re self-employed

Episode 259 – Etsy Fees Explained

Episode 260 – How to grow a super-successful jewellery school with Jessica Rose

Episode 261 – 10 Ways to Improve your Product Photos

Episode 262 – 7-Figure Amazon Handmade Biz Owner Dana Midkiff Shares her Story

Episode 263 – Getting Ready to Launch a Handmade Biz – Interview with Amanda Adams of Dream Forged Dice

Episode 264 – Can you have a Successful Handmade Business WITHOUT Using Social Media?

Episode 265 – How I Organise my Life & Businesses

Episode 266 – Beautiful Branding – the Do’s and Don’ts: Kelly McElroy of Star Castle Studio

Episode 267 – Etsy Star Seller – Another Etsy Fail?

Episode 268 – Do these 5 Things BEFORE you Open your Online Shop

Episode 269 – How Amanda (Almost) Sold Out when her Etsy Shop Launched!

5 Reasons to Have a Mailing List – For Handmade Business

Episode 271 – Slow & Steady Business Growth and Success with Jenn Johnston

Upcoming Workshop: The Art & Science of Pricing Handmade Crafts

Episode 272 -You’re Probably Pricing Wrong – Handmade Business

Episode 273 – Pinterest Essentials for Makers in 2021 with Kate Ahl of Simple Pin Media

Get 50+ Creative Workshops/eBooks for just $70!

Episode 274 -20 Questions to Ask Yourself BEFORE you Start a Business

Episode 275 – Etsy Success Tips with LL Divens

Episode 276 – Etsy: 5 Ways to Quickly Improve Your Shop + How to Take a Break WITHOUT Using Holiday Mode

Episode 277 – How to Make Awesome Instagram Reels with Kar Brulhart

Episode 278 – 6 Lessons I’ve Learnt from 13 Years Selling on Etsy

Episode 279 – Clare Smythson of Ornately Lanterns

Episode 280 – I’ve made 65k from one product alone… the power of reproducible products

Episode 281 – How to Design & Sell Printables Online with Julie Berninger

Episode 282 – How to Deal with Unhappy Online Customers in your Handmade Business

Episode 283 – Growing your Handmade Business with Instagram: Yulia Anderson of Matryoshka Doll Shop

Episode 284 -My Thoughts on the Etsy Strike & Petition of 2022

Episode 285 – How Cassandra Pons Grew her Handmade Fashion Label

Episode 286 – How Etsy Search Works: all the things that affect your shop and product ranking

Episode 287 – How to get your handmade goods into retail shops – do’s and don’ts of reaching out to retailers

Episode 288 – Top Pinterest Tips for Etsy Sellers 2022

Episode 289 – Graphic Design Fundamentals for Makers with Ron Miller

Etsy Keywords 101: Fundamentals of Choosing The Right Ones (& FREE Download!)

6 Ways to Find and Refine your Etsy Keywords [291]

Etsy Purchase Protection – Will it Work for You? [292]

5 Ways You’re Sabotaging Your Own Success – In Handmade Business [293]

10 Tips for Etsy Success from a Full-Time Seller! [294]

Rank Higher In Etsy Search by Asking this One Question… [295]

5 Tips to BOOST your Christmas Sales! [296]

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