[152] How to Get More (& Better) Product Reviews {Premium Episode}

This month’s member-exclusive episode was inspired by a question asked on our last Thriver Circle monthly call.

“How do I get more of my customers to leave reviews?”

I had a pretty lengthy answer on the call, and I realised… I have quite a few strategies that I use to improve the quality and quantity of customer reviews – no matter whether you sell on Etsy, your own site, or elsewhere.

In this episode, I share 7 strategies you can implement to improve the number and positivity of your customer reviews – without bugging your customers.


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Have a sneaky listen to part of this episode below…

[150] 10 Unmissable Episodes from the Last 3 Years


To celebrate hitting the 150 episodes milestone, I’ve put together a roundup of 10 unmissable episodes from the last 3 years of the show!

It was a tough choice – but I’ve narrowed it down to 5 solo shows and 5 interviews that will inspire you, educate you, and give you a ton of practical advice to help you grow your handmade business.

I also want to give a HUGE thank you shout-out to all the wonderful members of the Thriver Circle.

I know that most of you didn’t join the Circle to support the podcast – but you are, anyway.

The same goes for anyone who has ever bought a course, guide, critique, or anything else from me over the years.

I don’t accept sponsors on my show – it is completely self-funded – so to those of you who have trusted me enough to purchase one of my products – thank you.

You are a patron of the podcast, and I couldn’t do it without your support.



The Episodes…

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[149] Improve your Handmade Biz Workflow with these Awesome Digital Tools


Today I’ve got a suite of awesome digital tools and apps that will help you more effectively and efficiently run your handmade business.

There are all tools I’ve tried and/or use on a regular basis to manage my own businesses – and I’ve shared a number of them over the last 6 months during my Facebook Live Q&A sessions. Today I’ve brought a number of them together into one big toolkit of things to try.

If you know of or use any particularly awesome digital tools or apps to run your handmade business, I’d love to hear about them!

Share them in your IG Story and tag me @createandthrive so I can check it out. I’ll be re-sharing a number of these to my own Stories!




Quotes & Highlights:

Here are links to all the tools I mentioned in the episode:

What are they? You’ll have to listen to find out! Or, you know, click through the list 😉




[143] Growing a Jewellery Design Business with Priyanka Kedia of AYVA


Today’s story is of a woman who has come full circle.

Priyanka hails from a family of jewellers in Mumbai, but calls San Francisco home.

After working in a corporate career, a certain life event made her realise how meaningful jewellery can be… and started her on a journey of creating her own jewellery design business.

Her brand, AYVA, is now stocked in stores all over the USA, and today she shares her story of becoming an entrepreneur and a designer – and all the ups and downs along the way.






Quotes and highlights from this episode:

  • It takes time to find the right match for your business when outsourcing product manufacturing.
  • The most difficult part of the process is finding the right place and you have to trust that they will do as good a job as you will do yourself.” {Priyanka}
  • Priyanka took a year to research and plan for her business but in the end she just had to launch.
  • “You have to throw perfection out the door when you are an entrepreneur.” {Priyanka}
  • Trade shows can be a good place to make connections with potential wholesalers.
  • Be confident, persistent and resilient when sourcing wholesalers. Rejections will happen.
  • “Jewellery is not necessarily just an accessory. It’s such an important object – it holds life’s best memories.” {Priyanka}
  • Work life balance may happen over weeks rather than days.
  • Priyanka is able to work with her teams overseas once her children have gone to bed.
  • Your business goals will shift and change as your business grows.
  • “You have set goals, but you’ve got to be flexible with them as well.” {Jess}



[137] Set Up an Effective Sales Funnel with Chanelle White


Do you have a mailing list for your handmade business?

Even if you haven’t started your business yet, you can start collecting email addresses to ensure that you start off with a bang.

If you do have a business, then you need to be using email marketing to grow it.

But how?

I’ve created a number of resources to help you set up and grow a successful list in the past.

(You can find 2 workshops on this in the Thriver Circle – Introduction to Email Marketing + Intermediate Email Marketing Strategies. Join the Circle and get access to these right now!)

Today, my guest is Chanelle White, who is a Shopify designer and strategist.

She and I talk sales funnels – the process of enticing folks to sign up to your email list… and what to do with them once they’re there!

Chanelle is going to be joining me in the Thriver Circle for a live chat about email funnels and Shopify on Wednesday the 28th of Feb, Brisbane time (this is Tuesday, 7pm Eastern US time). If you’re a member of the Circle, don’t miss this opportunity to pick the brain of an expert!





Quotes and Highlights from this episode:

  • Our guest today, Chanelle White, is a Shopify design expert.
  • A challenge many makers face is how to direct traffic to their website.
  • With a sales funnel, people interested in your product can opt in (often with a freebie as an incentive) and their details become part of your subscription base.
  • When building a website, this can be achieved by creating a landing page with a single offer or enticement.
  • For an established website, use pop-ups.
  • “Pop ups are a really great tool but you need to be strategic on how you use them” {Chanelle}
  • Avoid pop-ups being too invasive. Give website guests time to connect with your site before the pop-up engages or use an exit intent option.
  • “Be mindful and don’t be intrusive (with pop-ups). You want to make sure people want to stay on your website” {Chanelle}
  • If you have a stand-alone website, aim for a blog as well. Regular blogging builds your SEO and drives traffic to your site.
  • Blog content does not have to be solely promotional driven. Use this space to connect with customers and build relationships.
  • Email marketing is a powerful tool when used well. Ideally you will want to send emails weekly, but keep in mind your resource capabilities.
  • Use a conversion strategy in your emails by offering a discount or a special promotion and include an expiry date to encourage people to purchase now. But, be wary of holding sales or promotions too frequently and lessening their impact.
  • Email marketing is reliable – unlike social media there are no changes to algorithms and until your customer opts our you have direct communication.
  • Scarcity can be a powerful sales driver.
  • Experiment with scarcity buy creating a limited run of a companion products to your main line.
  • Find Chanelle online via her website.

*This page contains affiliate links. I only recommend products I have personally used or truly believe in.


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