should you sell your craft via wholesale or consignment - and how do you go about it


Hey there Thrivers!


I’ve got a video for you today, answering a lovely reader’s question about wholesale versus consignment.


Have you ever wondered if you should be selling your work on consignment, or only via wholesale?


Or do you wonder just how on earth you go about getting your stuff in shops at all?


In this video, I give you the 6 steps to follow in order to get your work in the right shops – whether via wholesale OR consignment.


I also explain when you should go with consignment – or when you should stick to wholesale.



If you’ve gotten your work into shops, I’d LOVE to hear your tips below in the comments!


I’d also love to hear if consignment has worked well for your business – and if so, why?


Do you dream of walking into your favourite boutique or gallery store, and seeing your beautiful creations on the shelves?

Do you love the idea of just making, and letting someone else do the ‘selling’ for you?

Do you want to get your work out into the world, because you know people will fall in love with it if they could just see it right in front of them? 

Then selling wholesale is the perfect choice for you!

The self-study course – Wholesale Know-How – will show you EXACTLY how to make that happen.

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