The Create & Thrive Podcast - Episode 0

Welcome to the Create & Thrive Podcast!

In this pre-episode, I share my story – how I went from studying science, and being super un-crafty, to today,  where I run my successful handmade business – Epheriell – as well as teaching here at Create & Thrive.

It was quite an accidental journey, really – and the turning point happened on a Fijian Island in 2008. Before then, I wasn’t at all ‘crafty’ – I was a teacher and an academic (I have 3 Bachelors Degrees that I earnt over 6 years… because I didn’t really know what I wanted to do with my life!) and while I liked my job well enough, I always felt like there was something else I’d rather be doing.

Fast-forward to today, where I’m lucky enough to be doing exactly what I want to be doing – and living a life of immense freedom and satisfaction – and doing good work that I enjoy and am proud of that helps people and makes the world a little bit shinier.

So, how did I get from nerdy science kid to creative businesswoman?


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