[184] How to Teach In-Person Workshops on your Craft

Do you want to teach your craft? Do you dream of running in-person, live workshops to pass on your knowledge? Or – maybe you already teach handmade workshops, but want to make them even better?
My guest in this episode – Dr. Rie Natalenko – is a teacher, writer and textile artist. She’s an expert in the art and science of teaching creative workshops to adults.

She has penned a book titled Share Your Skills – An Ultimate Guide to Running an Art or Craft Workshop.

If you need the confidence to start teaching creative workshops or you would like to enhance your existing skills, then this episode is for you!

This is one from the archives – I first published it a few years ago – but given that I plan on publishing an episode in the near future about how to teach craft workshops online, I thought this would be a great primer for that – because the ‘teaching’ part is the same.

[183] Handmade Shop Policies: What you MUST Include (with Etsy-Specific Guidance)

A lot of potential issues with your handmade business customers can be side-stepped through the judicious use of policies.
A well-planned policy preempts a lot of issues, and makes sure everything is spelled out clearly to your customer prior to purchase.

It also keeps everything fair and transparent, and makes sure you can’t be accused of making up one set of rules for one customer, and another for others.

It’s as much about your protection and peace of mind as it is about informing and protecting your customers.

In this episode, I discuss the ins and outs of policies – what you NEED to have in there (no matter what platform you use), and give you some Etsy-specific guidance, as well.

[181] 5 Non-Negotiable Keys to Selling Your Craft Online

Selling your craft online via etsy, another venue, or your own website has so many benefits.
Having an online presence is one of the most important things you can do for your handmade business.

If you are yet to launch your online shop; are on the fence as to whether it’s worth it; have been thinking about it for a while and don’t know where to start; or you have one but you aren’t sure about how improve it – this episode is for you!

I outline the main benefits of having an online shop – even if selling online is not your primary venue of choice.

I also share the 5 things you need to get a handle on before you can start successfully selling your work online.

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