SEO can seem so daunting that we can easily pop it straight into the ‘too hard basket’.

However, search engine optimisation is really just the process of making sure you use the right words in the right places on your website so that people who want to find what you have to offer can – find you, that is.

In this episode I chat with Feuza Reis – An SEO strategist for small business and creative entrepreneurs.

Feuza breaks this process down for you into simple, actionable steps, so that you can conquer that feeling of overwhelm when it comes to SEO, and start applying the strategies she shares so you can get found, and grow your online business.

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Quotes and highlights from this Episode:

  • Feuza was always interested in marketing while she was running her photography business.
  • Her role as a SEO expert evolved naturally.
  • So, what is SEO?
  • SEO = Search Engine Optimisation.
  • ‘There are things I can do in order for search engines to find me’ {Feuza}
  • Think of the word optimisation as boost.
  • What are keywords?
  • One of the most important aspects of SEO is to get your keywords right.
  • Keywords are what people type into a search engine.
  • The best places to find effective keywords are the following:
    • Google suggest
    • Pinterest
  • Some hot SEO tips:
  • Remember that SEO is not just about being found, it is about conversion.
  • An important thing to remember is that your website must be mobile friendly. This matters so much more now than it ever has.
  • Don’t ever use the same description for the images, pages and products on your website.
  • Search engines work using algorithms and ranking – listen to Feuzas great story on how they work!
  • Visit to ping your site. This tells search engines that you have made changes.
  • Don’t get carried away and check your stats too often – SEO changes can take time.
  • ‘Keep SEO in mind and keep it practical’ {Feuza}
  • SEO and Pinterest
  • Your pins and boards get indexed on google and show up in search results.
  • Optimise your Pinterest profile and then optimise your board names and descriptions.
  • Make sure you have sub-category boards for what you do.
  • ‘Sprinkle your pins around in pinterest’ {Feuza}
  • The average pin has a life span of three and a half months.
  • Feuza offers a free email Image SEO course – to sign up click here.
  • For her Keyword Strategy Course visit her Website.
  • You can find Feuza at her Website, Pinterest or Facebook.

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