We’ve all felt it.

That stab of guilt when you put a price on your work.

Even worse – the fear AND guilt when you RAISE the price on your work.

Pricing is an art as much as a science. There are no ‘100% right’ answers.

And the price you choose as a beginner should change once you get more experience and your business starts to grow.

There are so many elements to this process. If you haven’t already, please go do the Pricing with the Head & Heart Workshop for the nitty-gritty (Thriver Circle members only).

This podcast is about mindset. 

It’s about the money stories we carry around. (I delve deeper into this topic in the Money Stories Workshop – Thriver Circle members only).

It’s about how we connect our self-worth to our products… and the price we put on them.

It’s about the fact that you need to start treating yourself like the professional you are, and put aside the guilt about asking for money for your effort and time.

All that said… it’s also about why you don’t have to put your price up if you don’t need to. You choose how you serve your market.

What you DO need to do is STOP feeling guilty about charging money for your work – because money = a little bit of your life, and you deserve to be compensated for that!

I dive into a WHOLE bunch of stuff in this episode.

I hope you find it helpful in the process of pricing what your work is worth!

Jess x


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