In one of the last episodes of the year, I want you to take stock of the good – and all the things you’re grateful for in your business journey this year.

This is a short and sweet episode where I ask you to do a gratitude exercise (and look into other practices you can do on a regular basis) to bring into focus the awesome things you have achieved this year.

So often we’re focused on the ‘next thing’, and we forget to really revel in the things we have done well – or the lessons we’ve learnt.


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Quotes & Highlights in this episode:

  • Gratitude is the process of being aware of what is good in our lives.
  • It is important to do this consciously regarding your business.
  • Creative entrepreneurs often focus on “what’s next”.
  • Not reflecting on wins can result in a feeling of dissatisfaction.
  • Gratitude doesn’t always have to be reflecting on fun and positive events – be grateful for lessons learned and how experiences have shaped you and your business.
  • “We need a little discomfort to move forward”
  • It is important to celebrate the successes as well.
  • “Take the time to stop and truly appreciate what you’ve achieved.”
  • Not sure where to start with gratitude? Begin with the big picture and work towards a more personal level.
  • The following short journal article on the power of gratitude is well worth a read: Gratitude and Well Being: The Benefits of Appreciation by Randy A. Sansome, M.D. and Lori A. Sansome M.D.
  • A challenge: spend 10 minutes writing down what you are grateful for that you have achieved in your business this year.


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