How can we embrace change when change is either scary, or not happening fast enough?

Changes might be imposed upon your business by outside forces.

You may feel like you’ll never succeed because the challenges your biz is facing won’t ever change.

You might even feel internally resistant to having a successful business because it changes how you think about yourself. (Fear of success is a common example of this – who are you to be successful? How will you handle it?)

In this episode I discuss the many ways change can cause frustration and anxiety, and ways we can learn to roll with changes.


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Quotes & Highlights from this Episode:

  • Change is inevitable in business as it is in life.
  • When change isn’t going the way you want it to go – be selective on how you use your energy.
  • When change from outside of your control happens, try to switch your perspective, look for the silver lining and fold the changes into your business.
  • “We have limited energy and if we are constantly using that energy that comes at us from the outside world we will exhaust ourselves” {Jess}
  • When considering a change in your business, find a person/s that you trust, who will provide honest feedback, who understands the situation and doesn’t have a vested interest.
  • If you don’t have someone, write it down or record yourself and get the ideas out of your head.
  • Challenge established thought patterns about your business and yourself. Jess shares an anecdote that illustrates this regarding establishing Epheriell.
  • “Your perception of yourself may have to change and develop in order for you to really embrace this new thing you want to do” {Jess}
  • When growing a business it can feel like nothing is changing and everything is stuck.
  • “A lot of people give up because they can’t see a way forward and they can’t see that things will ever get better, evolve or change… They will, they always will” {Jess}
  • Be consistent and patient in nurturing your business. It is normal for this to take time.
  • “We can waste a lot of time focusing on the past or the future and neglecting the present and what we can actually achieve in this moment right now”. {Jess}
  • Focus on what you can do today.
  • Plan your week/month/year out but always bring it back today. And accept that is what you can do and be proud of what you have done.
  • If you feel like you are procrastinating, think about how you use your time. Plan the week ahead, identify key tasks, identify tasks you would like to complete and finally tasks thatare a bonus to complete.
  • Don’t overcommit. Allow sufficient time to complete tasks and allow space for the unexpected.
  • If you are feeling mentally cluttered do a spring clean – clear out your workspace, rearrange your space, empty your inbox and create a fresh start.


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