How important is freedom to you?

For me, it’s essential. Freedom is one of my most core values. I have deliberately designed my life to increase my sense of freedom, so that I can spend each day doing what I love.

But what exactly IS freedom? It will mean different things to different people.

For example: for me, freedom is being able to wake up every day and be in charge of how I spend my time. When my life follows that script, I feel free – even though, from the outside, I might not seem free – I own a house, I’m married, I have 2 businesses and I teach a regular yoga class. I have a cat dependent on me ;D In short – I’m not ‘free’ in the sense of someone with none of these responsibilities. But nevertheless, I’ve never felt freer.

My guest this week has written a whole book on the topic – in fact, it was after reading her book – Freedom Seeker – that I reached out and invited her on the show, because I love how she approached and talked about freedom. It is something you can bring into your life – but you don’t necessarily have to change anything about your life in order to feel more free. Just the way you think about it.

In this chat, Beth Kempton and I talk about her life – her own journey from freedom, away, and back again – and how you can find more freedom in your life and your creative business.


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Quotes and Highlights from this Episode:


  • Beth felt the need to be free in her twenties, she couldn’t bear the idea of tying herself down. So, she studied Japanese at university for the opportunity to go overseas in her second year.
  • When the second year came around, Beth became a sponge for the Japanese language and culture.
  • Beth jumped at every opportunity she was given, putting her hand up for every work and learning possibility. She even managed to get her own TV show. Later on, she became an integral cog in the FIFA World Cup wheel and even worked for UNICEF for a while.
  • “When you really get yourself out there and do something creative there is this knocking on effect”
  • Beth went on art retreat in California where she learned the power in groups of creative women. She was really inspired and decided she wanted to help these women learn how to monetise their creativity.
  • After a successful period of time helping people make money from creativity, Beth has her ‘Bedroom Floor Moment’.
  • “I realised I felt completely suffocated by this life that I had built.”
  • “If you’ve got a lucrative income stream that supports the rest of your business then that’s absolutely fine. You know, there’s no need to kill it but if you allow it take you over and you don’t do the stuff that really lights you up then you just kind of wonder, you know, what am I doing?”
  • After having her second child, Beth took five months maternity leave and the concept of her book, Freedom Seeker, was born.
  • “Actually what happened was in that space of maternity leave the whole book concept came to fruition.”
  • “Business can be a gateway to freedom but you have to set it up in a way that makes you delight in the everyday.”
  • Beth discusses the security of life in business versus the security of life as an employee.
  • “In the current environment, I could not feel more secure in the fact that if I want to generate some money all I have to do is create something and put it out there in the world, to platform I have spent a lot of time building.”
  • Beth talks about three main concepts in her book The Context vs. The Cage, The Eight Freedom Keys and Project Cycles.
  • “So, taking the time to go, what are the facts about what’s going on in my life and what are my thoughts about those facts, and distinguishing the two.”
  • “Don’t put on yourself the burden of not being able to be organised because actually, it’s the secret weapon of the freedom seeker.”
  • Find more about Beth on her website or instagram.


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