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Let’s talk e-courses.

I’ve got a number of courses lined up to offer you over the next year. I’ll be sharing all sorts of hard-won wisdom about marketing, organisation, business planning and product development, fostering creativity, dynamic work-life balance, and more.

All of my courses are e-mail-based – which means that when you sign up for the course, you get the lessons direct to your email, rather than downloading a course guide or reading them off a website. Some will be live and have interaction with me and your classmates. Some will be self-directed, which you can take at any time. Some will be longer – some short and sweet.

You may have checked out the flagship C&T e-course – Set Up Shop. You may have even taken it. If you have, you’ll know what it’s like to take a C&T course.

If you haven’t – I thought it was time that I gave you the opportunity to have a taste of what a C&T e-course is like… so I’m giving you one. For free.

Next week – Monday-Friday – I’m running a FREE e-course that will teach you 5 simple ways to grow the profits in your handmade business.

This e-course is all about how to increase your profits – so let’s start off by defining what profit actually is, and why it’s important to your business.

Profit – simply – is the money that is left over once all your expenses are subtracted from your turnover.

Let’s clarify what turnover (gross income) and profit (net income) are, and how you get from one to the other.

Your turnover is all the money your business makes. This is your gross income.

In order to find your net – or profit – you subtract all expenses from your gross income. This includes:

  • materials costs
  • tools/equipment costs
  • overheads (electricity, internet, phone, fees)
  • salary (you do pay yourself, right?)
  • any other business-related expenses
  • taxes

Once all of this is paid for, any money left is profit.

So – why is profit important?

Without profit, your business can’t grow.

You can’t afford to re-invest that money in advertising, upgrading your tools, hiring an assistant.

And, of course, the more profit you make as a micro-business owner, the more money you can either pay yourself, or save.

Profit is not something to be ashamed of – you’re running a business here – you should be proud of the fruit of your labour!

Some of us in the craft community somehow ‘feel bad’ when we charge what our work is really worth – but I’m here to tell you that you shouldn’t.

You are worth it, your work is worth it, and – ultimately – if you want to be a success, it’s absolutely imperative to grow your profits.

This 5-day e-course will give you five straightforward, actionable steps to increase your profit margin.

There are five areas of your business for you to analyse and work on.

Each lesson consists of some background info and food for thought, along with some action steps for you to take!

There are 2 ways to take the course.

1. Sign up for the C&T Email Updates – and you’ll get all 5 lessons straight to your inbox next week – Monday to Friday. This is the most fail-safe way… and the best, because you’ll also be getting regular useful + juicy info sent to you each week. This will give you the most authentic ‘course’ experience.

2. Alternatively… subscribe to the blog via rss or bloglovin/follow on FB/twitter/G+… or just remember to come back here to the blog each day next week! Heck, put it in your diary, on your calendar, set an alarm on your phone – whatever works for ya!

Make SURE to check out the FB page each day, as I’ll be putting up each lesson for community discussion over there each day.

Good luck, and I hope I can help you grow the profits in your crafty micro-biz! See you on Monday!

Jess xx

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