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I’ve been hearing some fantastic success stories from my Set Up Shop students recently, so over the next few days I’m opening up the floor to let them tell you their stories – starting with where their business was at when they started the course, and detailing how their business has changed thanks to taking the Set Up Shop course.

Today is a very sweet story from Elisa of Dazzling Dezignz – thank you for such a lovely write-up of your experience, Elisa!


I found Jessica on the internet one day while I was surfing. I canʼt remember the steps that led me to her but letʼs just say when I found her I signed up for everything she had to offer!

From the beginning, I could tell she was a woman who knew her stuff and I wanted to be just like her… literally!

When she sent the email offering her Set Up Shop course I wasnʼt sure if I would be able to devote the time needed to properly implement it.

I sent her an email telling her as such and asked her opinion.

She was very forthcoming and said that she would be offering it at a later date if I wanted to wait.

Well, I didnʼt want to wait – and Iʼm sure glad I didnʼt!

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For the past three years I was operating a jewelry business that was going very slowly.

I would get tons of compliments but not nearly enough sales.

The very first day of the course I decided to change direction and with Jessʼ help and daily emails I am averaging “almost” a sale a day!

She helped me to actually take that leap and change the course of my business and I looked forward to receiving her emails every day so much that I made sure I had the time to work on them!

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Some of them were already implemented but others I needed to do a lot of work on.

Like social media! That is my biggest challenge but I am trying and the lovely group of ladies that I have met and worked with over that month long course are such a big help!

Thatʼs one of the biggest advantages of this course… the friendships I have made with like minded people who are all in the same boat!

Thanks Jess for offering such a wonderful and inspiring course!

Elisa Mardegan – Keepsake Creator – Dazzling Dezignz (written 2013)

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