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Yes, it’s time… the final class of Set Up Shop for 2014 is now open for registration!

I’ve had the honour of guiding over 300 creatives through this course over the past two years, and I’m looking forward to helping you turn your online shop into something that you can both be proud of, AND that sets you up to actually bring in sales and grow your business. In this course, I’m coming from a place of hard-won experience – I’ve done what I’m teaching you, and I have a successful online craft business that supports me and my little family (and employs both me and my husband).

I have (and am still) ‘walking the walk’ of running an online handmade business. I created this course because I’m passionate about sharing what I learn, AND helping others to realise their dream of having a successful craft business – because I want you to enjoy the freedom, joy, and fulfilment that comes from doing just that.

Registration is open now, and will close midday Sunday the 5th of October AEST (that’s Australian Eastern Standard Time!).

Class begins Monday the 6th of October, and runs for 30 days.

To find out exactly how the course works, the options you have for Membership, and what we’ll be covering, head on over to the course page here.

If you’re worried that you won’t be able to afford this course, because you’ve seen all the super-expensive courses that are out there – don’t be. The entry level Membership to Set Up Shop is just $85* – because I want every single person who needs this course to be able to afford it.

According to conventional wisdom (and what many of my past students have told me) I should be charging a lot more for this course, but you know what? I don’t need a Ferrari (my campervan is just fine). I don’t need a fancy house (my two rooms are enough). I don’t need to make a million from this course: just enough to make you value it, and for me to justify spending the time on it. What I need is for YOU to be able to take this course and experience the huge positive changes it can help you make in your life and business.

Oh – and one last thing… if you’ve been considering doing the course for a while now, and you were planning on signing up for Gold Membership (where I give you a full shop critique after the course) OR for Platinum Membership (where you also get a one-on-one skype session with me) – this is your last chance!

I’m reorganising the Gold and Platinum Membership levels after this run of the course – and you will no longer get a full critique with Gold Membership – only with Platinum (which will be changing to the 3-month-mentorship model similar to what I offer with SHIFT). I currently charge $95 for a full critique outside of the course, so getting it in the current Gold Membership is quite a bargain. If you want one, and you want to do Set Up Shop, don’t miss out – there are only 20 Gold Places available.

If you have any questions, please just leave them in the comments below and I’ll get back to you asap.

I hope you can join us and get your shop ship-shape just in time for the Christmas rush!

Jess x


(*price in AUD, and GST applies to Aussies)

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