Never continue in a job you don't enjoy - Johnny Carson

I have worked jobs that I pretty much hated. Okay – maybe I didn’t hate the whole thing, but there were elements of it that I loathed.

Tellingly – I never stayed in any of these jobs longer than a year. Even in my late teens/early 20s, I realised that I only have one life, and if I was going to enjoy life, I needed to enjoy the work I did.

We spend such a huge portion of our lives working. If we don’t love what we do – if it doesn’t profoundly fulfil us – that’s a huge chunk of life that we’re spending badly.

The line about ‘inner peace’ in today’s MotiBright really hit home for me. I may have been superficially happy when I was working various jobs over the years, but it’s only in hindsight – comparing how I’ve felt in the last few years being self-employed with how I felt all those years doing various ‘jobs’ – that I realise just how deeply unsatisfied and vaguely unhappy I was back then.

There truly is something profoundly, deeply satisfying about doing what you really want to be doing to earn a dollar.

Doing something you enjoy, where you feel in control. I think everyone should have the opportunity to feel this way in their life – which is why I do what I do. I want everyone to find ‘their thing’ and bring it to life.

Sure – even when you’re doing ‘your thing’ there will be stuff that you won’t love about it. Things will go wrong. Stress will happen. There will be boring bits.

But… overall? The deep and profound sense of peace and self-determination makes it all okay. Truly.

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