Meet the New Assistant Editor!

So, as I told you all earlier in the month, the amazing Megan E has moved on from her position as my Right-Hand Gal here at C&T… because her own biz is just too successful now! I was happy/sad to have her leave us… but, as luck would have it, a certain awesome lady was ready and willing to jump on board and join the C&T team. You might recognise Kath from the How to Sell More at Markets & Shows e-course we collaborated on late in 2015. But I wanted to give you the chance to get to know her a little better, as you’ll be seeing more of her in C&T land from here on in. I’ll let her tell you more…



Hello! My name is Kath and I have been asked on board by the incredible Jess Van Den {Note from Jess: I totally didn’t tell her to say that, honest} to her Create & Thrive team. I feel so honoured and proud to be here and can’t wait to be a part of this great space where you can learn how achieve your creative business goals. It’s all very exciting!

My background is in retail, banking and administration and I have also owned my own successful bricks and mortar handmade store for three years in Brisbane. I have now closed the doors on Handmade High Street to follow a job for my husband to another city, but I still have a smaller version of the shop inside another local business. Through these ventures I have always aimed to help artisans find a platform for selling their work in a retail setting through subleasing space, taking commission or wholesaling.

While I also create handmade products to sell, my focus has always been on helping other artisans to achieve their business dreams. I have helped out in various capacities with lots of creative groups including non profit group BrisStyle as the previous President where I honed my skills and added to my business, markets, social media, teaching and marketing knowledge. I also wrote a whizz bang eCourse for C&T to show you How Sell More At Markets & Shows, where I shared some of my knowledge gained from 13+ years in the retail biz.

Since my B&M shop took up much of my time over the last three years, I am really ready to get stuck into the ‘creating’ side of my business again by stepping up my sales game with my handmade candles and soaps. I am also focussing on teaching hands-on crafts to keen students with my Beginner’s Crochet and Rag Rugging classes where I work privately and as a guest for other businesses.

I feel like it’s going to be a busy but really exciting year and I am so stoked to be here with you all as we continue on our creative business journeys together!

xxx K

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