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Hello my lovelies! How was your New Year?

Nick and I rang in the new year dancing on a hillside under a starry sky with new friends at the Woodford Folk Festival. It was a good way to celebrate a wonderful 2014 and the start of what will hopefully be a brilliant 2015.

Today, I’m popping by to let you know about some new things and changes that are happening round these ‘ere parts in 2015.

Very little brings me more joy than a message or email from you that something I have taught or shared here at C&T has helped you move your handmade business forward. For that reason, I’m creating even more ways for you to get involved and learn from me and your fellow creatives this year.

My goal is to help as many of you as possible figure out how you can make your handmade business dream a profitable reality that allows you to live the life you’ve always wanted.


What’s coming in 2015?


A Podcast

I’m kicking off a C&T Podcast this year. It’s still in the planning stages, but I’m envisioning interviews with successful creatives, Q&A sessions, and more. If you have anything you’d like to hear in particular, or anyone you’d love for me to interview, let me know in the comments! It’s probably going to be monthly, or, at most, fortnightly. If you think you fit the bill and would like to be interviewed, get in touch! Or, submit a question to be answered.


A Private Membership Circle

Set Up Shop students have had a sneak peek at this already (check the FB group!), but for everyone else, I will be announcing the details later this month. It’s going to be a private, safe and supportive community where makers and creatives can help each other & learn from each other. I will be giving exclusive online workshops and running business intensive calls for members. It’s also going to be ridiculously affordable (a low monthly fee to be a member – think the cost of a coffee + a magazine) because I want as many of you as possible to be able to join us.


A New Face

The fabulous, amazing, inspirational, and brilliant Megan Eckman has stepped down from her position as Assistant Editor here at C&T.

Megan and I have been working together for a number of years now, and I am simultaneously gutted and so excited that she’s leaving… because she’s leaving due to the fact that her own creative business is just so successful now! That’s a pretty awesome reason. Megan will still be popping by every so often with a guest post to share her journey and lessons, though.

I just want to take a moment to say an enormous THANK YOU to Megan – working with you has been an absolute joy and pleasure, and I know you’ve got even bigger things ahead of you xx

I do have a new Assistant Editor lined up, who is going to join the C&T team at the beginning of Feb, so I’ll introduce you to her very soon!


In-Depth Posts

There will be a max of 2 posts per week here on the blog this year – the weekly roundup and Monday viewing won’t be published here any more. If you want heaps of useful and interesting links from around the web, I’ll still be sharing those regularly on twitter and the C&T Facebook page – so make sure you’re following me over there (and remember to click that ‘get notifications’ setting on facebook!).

Nick and I are still in the process of analysing your epic responses to the C&T questionnaire I sent out a few weeks ago, but I’ll be basing a lot of what I write about on what you told me you want and need to learn. There will also be regular guest posts from your fellow successful creatives – so if you have a story or lesson you’d like to share with the community in the form of a guest post, please get in touch with me and tell me what it is! I want to share your voices here.


A New Course

I’m currently working with a good friend of mine to bring you a course on wholesaling! It’s going to be aimed at those who want to get started with wholesale and trade shows, and will cover everything you need to know – as taught by someone who has built her very successful business doing just that.


And, of course, SHIFT and Set Up Shop will be running again in 2015.

They’ll both be running in March (not at exactly the same time) with our new wholesale course planned to run sometime in April. The wholesale course will actually make an awesome follow-up or compliment to Set Up Shop, (which is focussed on online selling) for those who want to do both.


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Let’s rock 2015!

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