Hey Thriver,

Whenever I open the doors to the Thriver Circle, I feel a little bit like a kid at Christmas.

You know, that feeling of excitement and anticipation, that you just can’t wait for that day to arrive?

I’m so excited to welcome a new influx of wonderful people into the Circle next week! Will you be one of them?

The Circle will be open to new members next week for 48 hours – from 11am on Tuesday the 4th of April to 11am on Thursday the 6th of April – Australian Eastern Standard Time (the time in Brisbane, Australia).

Those of you who are new around these parts might be thinking ‘what is this Thriver Circle that you speak of?’. 

The Circle is my private membership site for makers. It is filled with over 450 people who are on a similar journey to you – from those who have just the glimmering of a business idea, through to those who have been running successful handmade businesses for many years.

It includes a private forum, monthly exclusive workshops from me, live calls and chats, as well as access to my epic, year-long course Your Year to Thrive.

Access costs just $15 AUD per month (which is currently only about $11.50 USD/9 Pounds/11 Euros) and it’s on a rolling month-by-month basis – no lock-in, no huge up-front payment.

Of all the things I’ve created in my life, the Circle is the one I’m most proud of.

It’s something I wish every single creative could be part of, because I know how much it has helped those that are – and that makes me so ridiculously glad that I took the leap and created this community over two years ago now…

You can find out all the benefits of joining the Circle at ThriverCircle.com

I can’t wait to invite a new cohort of amazing creatives to join us in the Circle – I hope I’ll see you there.

Jess x

P.S. Membership opens for only 48 hours – look out for my email when the doors open!

P.P.S. Got a question about Circle membership? Just leave a comment below and I’ll answer you personally.

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