Hey Thriver,

In the public January Q&A video, I had a lot of questions about Etsy pop up.

One of the issues that arose was the issue of renewing.

This is a marketing strategy that I have used right from the very beginning – when I opened my Etsy shop in 2008.

In my own personal experience? The more consistently I renew, the more sales I get. I personally see this as an advertising/marketing cost – and it’s got the biggest ROI of anything else I’ve tried.

If you’re not familiar with it, this is the process of going in and renewing products that are already active in your store (they have NOT expired). You basically ‘reset’ the timeline on them. This does not change the listing in any way – it just refreshes it so it has a brand-new four month life.

The theory behind this is that by renewing products, you get a ‘bump’ in the Etsy search results, as recency of listing is one of the factors their search algorithm takes into account when deciding where to rank you items. And, when this happens, people are therefore more likely to see – and click on – your listings.

During the video, I proposed the possibility of doing a project in the Thriver Circle whereby those of us with Etsy shops would spend 1 month consistently renewing items, to see what effect it has on our traffic and sales.

So – now’s the time!

If you don’t yet have an Etsy shop (but would like to) remember – you can still take this opportunity to see what happens with the other members of the experiment. I think having a cohort of people all doing this at the same time will be a super-interesting exercise!

If you’re not already in the Circle, and you’d like to join in for this project, I recommend you join us before Feb 1st, so you can get all the details of the project and be ready to go when we kick off!

Also, there are 2 other things happening in the Circle in Feb.

1. I’m giving 10% off the cost of my Shop Scrutiny service to TC members who book and pay in Feb (though you can have up to 6 months between booking and me doing the critique). If you book a full critique, you’ll basically get 1 1/2 months of TC membership for free!

2. In the members-only podcast ep, I tell you why you need to stop feeling bad about charging money for your craft!

Join the Circle here, or find out more about membership.

Jess 🙂

P.P.S. If you’re already a member, just make sure you’re logged in, and click here for the full details!

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