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Hold on to your cameras, guys and gals, because the time has finally come!


Today we release our latest ebook – The Create & Thrive Guide to Product Photography.


I’m really excited to be making this resource available to you all. After I launched the last Guide, I started thinking about what I could focus on next.

It was a no-brainer really – I mean, how many times have I told you that product photos are THE key to having a successful online handmade business? Exactly.

So… then I thought ‘hmm, I do okay with my photos, but I don’t really have the technical know-how to write this guide by myself’.

Solution? Find someone who did.

I figured the best thing to do would be to work with someone who REALLY knows their stuff to put this guide together.

Thankfully, that someone came to mind pretty quickly – Jeffrey Opp (who just happens to be Megan E’s other half, AND holds a Fine Arts degree where he majored in photography). When I got in touch, he was super-enthusiastic to put this together, because helping people with product photography is what he does. Score!

Jeffrey is the professional photographer behind Mister Scheimpflug (This site/resource is no longer available), and he’s put together a truly excellent guide that will help you elevate your own product photos from ‘just okay’ to ‘freaking awesome’.

Seriously, I learnt a LOT when I was editing the Guide, and I’ve been working on my product photos since 2008!

A little bit more about Jeffrey (because he’s awesome)…

Create & Thrive Guide to Product Photography - About the Author



So, what’s inside the Guide?

(Excuse me while I giggle at the unintentional rhyme…)

Jeffrey covers quite a number of topics (in simple, plain English – though there is a Glossary for the few technical words he does use)…

  • A Brief Introduction to Camera Types
  • Camera Modes
  • White Balance
  • Focus
  • Macro
  • Depth of Field
  • Backgrounds
  • Lighting
  • How Do I Photograph…
  • Editing Basics


Here are a couple of peeks inside…

Create & Thrive Guide to Product Photography - How Do I Photograph Big Things


Create & Thrive Guide to Product Photography - FAQ


Product photos are SO IMPORTANT to having a successful online business, and I am stoked to get this Guide out to you!


The Guide is available now for just $25.

You can get your copy (and find out more about what’s inside + read testimonials) over here.


P.S. Jeffrey’s also put together a separate photographic guide to setting up your own ‘Studio-in-a-Box’ at home – ideal for those who make small things – especially things with glare and shine like jewellery, glass and ceramics – which all owners of this Guide and all C&T email subscribers will score for FREE. (Hop on the list here if you haven’t already to get your copy.)

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